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ods-server(1) [debian man page]

ODS-SERVER(1)							   User Commands						     ODS-SERVER(1)

ods-server - minimal OBEX server based on obex-data-server SYNOPSIS
ods-server [options] profile path DESCRIPTION
ods-server provides a minimal OBEX server based on obex-data-server for receiving files over bluetooth. profile selects the UUID-128 pro- file ID to use, currently opp and ftp can be used as aliases for object push and obex ftp respectively. path is the target directory for received files. OPTIONS
-h, --help show this help message and exit -l ADDRESS, --local=ADDRESS ADDRESS of Bluetooth adapter to listen on. Default is 00:00:00:00:00:00 -p, --pairing Require remote devices to be paired before allowing them to connect. Disabled by default -r, --readonly Disallow any write operations. Allowed by default -t, --thumbnails Require remote device to send thumbnails when using Imaging (BIP) server -a, --ask-to-accept Prompt user to accept or reject every file. By default all files are accepted AUTHOR
ods-server was written by Tadas Dailyda <> and is shipped as in the obex-data-server distribution This manual page was written by Filippo Giunchedi <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others). ods-server 0.4.4 May 2009 ODS-SERVER(1)

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ods-control(8)						      OpenDNSSEC ods-control						    ods-control(8)

ods-control - OpenDNSSEC control utility SYNOPSIS
ods-control ksm ... ods-control hsm ... ods-control signer ... ods-control start ods-control stop ods-control enforcer start ods-control enforcer stop ods-control enforcer notify DESCRIPTION
ods-control is a helper utility which gives a combined interface for different command utilities within OpenDNSSEC. It can also start and stop OpenDNSSEC by controlling the two daemons. OPTIONS
ksm The remainder of the command line will be sent to the ods-ksmutil utility hsm The remainder of the command line will be sent to the ods-hsmutil utility signer The remainder of the command line will be sent to the ods-signer utility start Will start the two daemons of OpenDNSSEC, ods-enforcerd and ods-signerd stop Will stop the two daemons of OpenDNSSEC, ods-enforcerd and ods-signerd enforcer start Start the ods-enforcerd daemon without touching the ods-signerd and return non-zero on problems enforcer stop Stop the ods-enforcerd daemon without touching the ods-signerd and return non-zero on problems enforcer notify Notify the enforcer that its database has been updated and may need further processing by the KASP Enforcer. SEE ALSO
ods-auditor(1), ods-enforcerd(8), ods-hsmspeed(1), ods-hsmutil(1), ods-kaspcheck(1), ods-ksmutil(1), ods-signer(8), ods-signerd(8), ods-timing(5), opendnssec(7), AUTHORS
ods-control was written by Jakob Schlyter as part of the OpenDNSSEC project. OpenDNSSEC February 2010 ods-control(8)

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