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ods-hsmutil(1) [debian man page]

ods-hsmutil(1)						      OpenDNSSEC ods-hsmutil						    ods-hsmutil(1)

ods-hsmutil - OpenDNSSEC HSM utility SYNOPSIS
ods-hsmutil [-c config] [-v] command [options] DESCRIPTION
The ods-hsmutil utility is mainly used for debugging or testing. It is designed to interact directly with your HSM and can be used to manu- ally list, create or delete keys. It can also be used to perform a set of basics HSM tests. Be careful before creating or deleting keys using ods-hsmutil, as the changes are not synchronized with the KASP Enforcer. The repositories are configured by the user in the OpenDNSSEC configuration file. The configuration contains the name of the repository, the token label, the user PIN, and the path to its shared library. COMMANDS
list [repository] List the keys that are available in all or one repository generate repository rsa keysize Generate a new RSA key with the given keysize in the repository remove id Delete the key with the given id purge repository Delete all keys in one repository dnskey id name Create a DNSKEY RR for the given owner name based on the key with this id test repository Perform a number of tests on a repository info Show detailed information about all repositories OPTIONS
-c config Path to an OpenDNSSEC configuration file (defaults to /etc/opendnssec/conf.xml) -h Show the help screen -v Output more information by increasing the verbosity level SEE ALSO
ods-auditor(1), ods-control(8), ods-enforcerd(8), ods-hsmspeed(1), ods-kaspcheck(1), ods-ksmutil(1), ods-signer(8), ods-signerd(8), ods-timing(5), opendnssec(7), AUTHORS
ods-hsmutil was written by Jakob Schlyter as part of the OpenDNSSEC project. OpenDNSSEC February 2010 ods-hsmutil(1)

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ods-enforcerd(8)					     OpenDNSSEC ods-enforcerd						  ods-enforcerd(8)

ods-enforcerd - OpenDNSSEC Policy Enforcer daemon SYNOPSIS
ods-enforcerd [-c FILE] [-d] [-1] [-P PIDFILE] [-v] [-h] DESCRIPTION
ods-enforcerd is part of the OpenDNSSEC software. It will enforce any policies that you have set up for zones under the control of OpenDNSSEC (including the generation of keys if configured to). For more information, go to and visit the Docu- mentation page. Invoked with no arguments, ods-enforcerd will read the default configuration file /etc/opendnssec/conf.xml and act according to its con- tents. OPTIONS
-c FILE Use alternate conf.xml. -d Run in debug mode. -1 Run once, then exit. -P PIDFILE Use alternate process-id file. -v Print the version, then exit. -h Show help, then exit. SIGNALS
The ods-enforcerd can be controlled using the ods-control utility. Signals may also be used. SIGHUP ods-enforcerd runs on a schedule defined in conf.xml; this signal will interrupt that and force the daemon to wake up. SIGINT, SIGTERM Force the daemon to stop (if it is running it will finish what it is doing first). CONFIGURATION
The configuration of ods-enforcerd is contained in the conf.xml file; the options available are described in the OpenDNSSEC documentation. DIAGNOSTICS
will log all the problems via the standard syslog(8) daemon facility. FILES
/etc/opendnssec/conf.xml default configuration file. /var/run/opendnssec/ default process-id file. SEE ALSO
ods-auditor(1), ods-control(8), ods-hsmspeed(1), ods-hsmutil(1), ods-kaspcheck(1), ods-ksmutil(1), ods-signer(8), ods-signerd(8), ods-tim- ing(5), opendnssec(7), AUTHORS
ods-enforcerd was written by John Dickinson and Nominet as part of the OpenDNSSEC project. OpenDNSSEC February 2010 ods-enforcerd(8)
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