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ocs(1)							      General Commands Manual							    ocs(1)

ocs - creates and maintains the database for cscope on a recursive directory set SYNOPSIS
ocs [-x] [-f] [-q] [-u] DESCRIPTION
This manual page briefly documents ocs , a shell script wrapper that automates the creation and maintenance of a cscope(1) database on a recursive set of directories. Under normal circumstances, ocs generates a cscope database on a recursive group of directories starting from the current working directory, before launching cscope(1) in interactive mode. OPTIONS
-x Enable debugging. -f Force. Do not ask about regenerating 'TMP' lists (lists generated by ocs ), just do it; Allow the regeneration of 'CSD' (lists gen- erated by cscope(1) ) lists. -q Tell cscope to build a fast reverse index. Database disk space usage is doubled, but searching speed is increased. -u Request that the database be updated or regenerated. FILES
./cscope.rc If this is an executable shell script, it will be included in the body of ocs in order to override intenal filenames and other options. See the comments at the top of /usr/bin/ocs for more information. BUGS
None noted. SEE ALSO
cscope(1), /usr/bin/ocs. AUTHORS
This manpage originally prepared by Nick Rusnov <> for the Debian Project. The Debian Project June 2001 ocs(1)

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cscope-indexer(1)					      General Commands Manual						 cscope-indexer(1)

cscope-indexer - Script to index files for cscope SYNOPSIS
cscope-indexer [-v] [-f database_file] [-i list_file] [-l] [-r] DESCRIPTION
This script generates a list of files to index (cscope.out), which is then (optionally) used to generate a cscope database. You can use this script to just build a list of files, or it can be used to build a list and database. This script is not used to just build a data- base (skipping the list of files step), as this can be simply done by just calling "cscope -b". Normally, cscope will do its own indexing, but this script can be used to force indexing. This is useful if you need to recurse into sub- directories, or have many files to index (you can run this script from a cron job, during the night). It is especially useful for large projects, which can contstantly have source files added and deleted; by using this script, the changing sources files are automatically handled. Currently, any paths containing "/CVS/" or "/RCS/" are stripped out (ignored). OPTIONS
-f database_file Specifies the cscope database file (default: cscope.out). -i list_file Specifies the name of the file into which the list of files to index is placed (default: cscope.files). -l Suppress the generation/updating of the cscope database file. Only a list of files is generated. -r Recurse into subdirectories to locate files to index. Without this option, only the current directory is searched. -v Be verbose. Output simple progress messages. SEE ALSO
cscope(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by Robert Lemmen <> (but may be used by others, of course) Script to index files for cscope 30. December 2002 cscope-indexer(1)
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