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obm-moz(1) [debian man page]

obm-moz(1)							 Openbox Pipe Menu							obm-moz(1)

obm-moz - a pipe-menu for openbox SYNTAX
obm-moz [options] DESCRIPTION
Obm-moz is a pipe menu for openbox. It translates any mozilla-compatible bookmarks into an openbox menu. If no arguments are given, it'll try to find your bookmarks. A bookmarks folder can be passed as an argument, it'll try to find it and build the menu out of that folder. More information about pipe-menus can be found on OPTIONS
-h, --help Show this help message and exit -f, --firefox Look for Firefox bookmarks -b FILENAME, --bookmarks=FILENAME Specify the path to the bookmarks.html file -r ROOT, --root=ROOT Root folder of the bookmarks -n BROWSER, --navigator=BROWSER Command to run the web browser. EXAMPLES
obm-moz -b "/path/to/bookmarks.html" -r "Bookmarks Toolbar Folder" AUTHORS
obm-dir was written by Manuel Colmenero <> as part of obmenu. This manual page was originally written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by Davide Truffa <>. SEE ALSO
obmenu(1), obm-dir(1), obm-nav(1), obm-xdg(1), openbox(1) Davide Truffa 1.0 obm-moz(1)

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MU-BOOKMARKS(5)                                                 File Formats Manual                                                MU-BOOKMARKS(5)

bookmarks - file with bookmarks (shortcuts) for mu search expressions DESCRIPTION
Bookmarks are named shortcuts for search queries. They allow using a convenient name for often-used queries. The bookmarks are are also visible as shortcuts in the mu experimental user interfaces, mug and mug2. mu supports bookmarks stored in a file called bookmarks in the mu home directory (typically, this would be ~/.mu/bookmarks). The bookmarks file is a typical key=value .ini-file, which is best shown by means of an example: [mu] inbox=maildir:/inbox # inbox oldhat=maildir:/archive subject:hat # archived with subject containing 'hat' The [mu] group header is required. For practical uses of bookmarks, see mu-find(1). LOCATION
The bookmarks file is read from <muhome>/bookmarks. Typically, this would be ~/.mu/bookmarks, but this can be influenced using the --muhome parameter for mu-find(1) and mug(1). AUTHOR
Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <> SEE ALSO
mu(1) mu-find(1) User Manuals May 2011 MU-BOOKMARKS(5)
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