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nccgen(1)							      nccgen								 nccgen(1)

nccgen - source code analysis SYNOPSIS
nccgen file.c DESCRIPTION
nccgen is a program that can help you hack/study the source code of C programs. It will report which functions call which other functions, which functions are called by other functions and what global variables and members of structures are used by functions. This is useful if you want to analyse a program and eventually hack it. USAGE
To use nccgen find the Makefile of the program you want to analyse. In the Makefile locate the line which sets the C compiler. That is usually something like CC = gcc and you must change it to CC = nccgen -ncgcc -ncld -ncfabs. Then compile the application. It may be useful to also replace AR = ar with AR = nccar and LD = ld with LD = nccld to link nccout object files. OUTPUT
nccgen will produce a file with nccout extension for every C file analysed. Then you can use the viewer nccnav (with nccnav program.nccout ) to view this data and do your work. If the procedure of make links object files with "ar" or "ld" you should manually link the produced .nccout files. AUTHORS
The homepage of the ncc project is: SEE ALSO
The documentation included in the package. Linux 8 Mar 2003 nccgen(1)

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MKDEP(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						  MKDEP(1)

mkdep -- construct Makefile dependency list SYNOPSIS
mkdep [-ap] [-f file] [flags] file [...] DESCRIPTION
mkdep takes a set of flags for the C compiler and a list of C source files as arguments and constructs a set of include file dependencies which are written into the file ``.depend''. An example of its use in a Makefile might be: CFLAGS= -O -I../include SRCS= file1.c file2.c depend: mkdep ${CFLAGS} ${SRCS} where the macro SRCS is the list of C source files and the macro CFLAGS is the list of flags for the C compiler. The options are as follows: -a Append to the output file, so that multiple mkdep's may be run from a single Makefile. -f file Write the include file dependencies to file, instead of the default ``.depend''. -p Cause mkdep to produce dependencies of the form: program: program.c so that subsequent makes will produce program directly from its C module rather than using an intermediate .o module. This is useful for programs whose source is contained in a single module. SEE ALSO
cc(1), cpp(1), make(1) FILES
.depend file containing list of dependencies HISTORY
The mkdep command appeared in 4.3BSD-Tahoe. 4.2 Berkeley Distribution June 6, 1993 4.2 Berkeley Distribution
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