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MPBI(1) 						    MIT Photonic-Bands Package							   MPBI(1)

mpbi - mpb with inversion symmetry mpbi-split - mpb-split with inversion symmetry DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the mpbi and mpbi-split commands. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original programs don't have a manual page. mpbi is a version of mpb built with requiring inversion symmetry. It can only compute the eigenstates of structures with inversion symme- try, but runs twice as fast as mpb and requires half as much memory. mpbi-split is equivalent to mpb-split but runs mpbi instances. SEE ALSO
mpb(1),mpb-split(1). AUTHOR
mpbi was written by Steven G. Johnson <>. This manual page was written by Josselin Mouette <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). MPB
April 29, 2002 MPBI(1)

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MPB(1)							    MIT Photonic-Bands Package							    MPB(1)

mpb-split - compute eigenmodes with MPB using multiple processes SYNOPSIS
mpb-split is a parallelizing front-end to MIT Photonic Bands (MPB). For a computation with several k points, it splits the list of k points over multiple processes. Of course, this will only benefit you on a system where different processes will run on different proces- sors, such as an SMP or a cluster with automatic process migration (e.g. MOSIX). mpb-split is actually a trivial shell script, though, so you can easily modify it if you need to use a special command to launch processes on other processors/machines. MIT Photonic Bands (MPB) is a free program to compute the band structures (dispersion relations) and electromagnetic modes of periodic dielectric structures, and is applicable both to photonic crystals (photonic band-gap materials) and a wide range of other optical prob- lems. More information on MPB, including a detailed manual, can be found online at the MPB home page: A typical invocation of mpb-split looks like: mpb-split num-split foo.ctl >& foo.out This causes mpb-split to process the control file foo.ctl, divide the k points into num-split equal chunks, run each list in a separate process with MPB, and redirect the output (in order) to foo.out. (One typically redirects output to a file, as the output is verbose and contains a number of comma-delimited datasets that one can extract by grepping.) Overall, the behavior and arguments are the same as for mpb except that the first argument must be the integer num-split. What mpb-split technically does is to set the MPB variable k-split-num to num-split and k-split-index to the index (starting with 0) of the chunk for each process. If you want, you can use these variables to divide the problem in some other way and then reset them to 1 and 0, respectively. BUGS
Send bug reports to S. G. Johnson, AUTHORS
Written by Steven G. Johnson. Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. SEE ALSO
mpb(1), mpb-data(1) MPB
March 13, 2002 MPB(1)
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