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mp3rename(1) [debian man page]

MP3RENAME(1)							   User Commands						      MP3RENAME(1)

Mp3rename - Rename mp3 files based on id3tags DESCRIPTION
Mp3rename 0.6 OPTIONS
-f Force non id3 rename. -v Verbose mode. -h Display this help message. -b Limit the file size to 32 chars. -i Only show the id3tags. -p Pad the track number with a leading zero when less than 10. -a Ask everything for the id3tag. -s Set the default filename look. for more help on this option: -s help Sander Janssen <> Use this option to set the default look of the file The information is saved in ~/.mp3rename You can use &t title, &b album, &y year, &k track and &a artist Example : mp3rename -s '(&a)-&t-&b' for (artist)-title-album.mp3 Debian GNU/Linux March 2006 MP3RENAME(1)

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ID3TAG(1)                                                          User Command                                                          ID3TAG(1)

id3tag - Tags an mp3 file with id3v1 and/or id3v2 tags. SYNOPSIS
id3tag [ OPTION ]... [ FILE ]... DESCRIPTION
Id3tag will render both types of tag by default. Only the last tag type indicated in the option list will be used. Non- rendered will remain unchanged in the original file. Will also parse and convert Lyrics3 v2.0 frames, but will not render them. OPTIONS
-1, --v1tag Render only the id3v1 tag -2, --v2tag Render only the id3v2 tag -h, --help Display help and exit -v, --version Display version information and exit -a, --artist ARTIST Set the artist information -s, --song SONG Set the song title information -A, --album ALBUM Set the album title information -c, --comment COMMENT Set the comment information -C, --desc DESCRIPTION Set the comment description -g, --genre num Set the genre number -y, --year num Set the year -t, --track num Set the track number -T, --total num Set the total number of tracks on the album SEE ALSO
id3convert(1), id3info(1), id3v2(1) AUTHOR
id3lib was originally designed and implemented by Dirk Mahoney and is maintained by Scott Thomas Haug <>. Manual page written for Debian GNU/Linux by Robert Woodcock <>. local May 2000 ID3TAG(1)

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