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monfailures(1) [debian man page]

MONFAILURES(1)						      General Commands Manual						    MONFAILURES(1)

monfailures - Lists mon failures SYNOPSIS
monfailures DESCRIPTION
monfailures is a program that lists the latest mon failures. SEE ALSO
mon(8), monshow(1). AUTHOR
monfailures was written by Dario Minnucci <>. This manual page was written by Dario Minnucci <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). September 4, 2009 MONFAILURES(1)

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FTPMIRROR(8)															      FTPMIRROR(8)

ftpmirror - Mirroring directory hierarchy using FTP protocol SYNOPSIS
ftpmirror [package] DESCRIPTION
ftpmirror is an utility to copy directory hierarchy (usually called 'mirror') using FTP protocol. A similar perl script exists, whose name is 'mirror', but ftpmirror requires less memory than mirror. OPTIONS
Please, note that the original documentation about ftpmirror was written originally in japanese. (README.jis and RELEASE.jis) If you can contribute by translating any aspect of these files, please contact Dario Minnucci <>. I'll be glad to include your contributions here to improve this manual. Formerly ftpmirror operatio mode was MASTER->SLAVE but seems that since version 1.96 the SLAVE->MASTER (reverse mirror) is supported. This behaviour can be controlled for each package section in the main configuration file (/etc/ftpmirror/ MASTER->SLAVE --> get-mode = yes (default) SLAVE->MASTER --> put-mode = yes Other configuration flags extracted from original documentation are: (Sorry but most of them are still undocummented.) todo: (string, default: full-mirror) verbose: (boolean, default: no) log-mask: (comma separated list) test-mode: (boolean, default: no) ftp-server: (string) ftp-gateway: (string) ftp-port: (service, default: ftp) ftp-bindaddr: (ip address) ftp-user: (string, default: anonymous) ftp-pass: (string, default: `whoami`@`hostname`) ftp-group: (string) ftp-gpass: (string) ftp-passive: (boolean, default: no) To enable passive file transfer set ftp-passive to yes. ftp-idle: (numeric, default: 0) ftp-max-idle: (boolean, default: 0) ftp-list-method: (LIST or STAT or STAT-A or STAT-AT, default: STAT) ftp-timeout: (numeric, default: 300) ftp-login-retry: (numeric) ftp-login-delay: (numeric, default: 60) ftp-stats: (boolean, default: no) remote-timezone: (timezone string, default: undef) http-proxy: (string) server: (string) package: (string) put-mode: (boolean, default: no) unlink: (boolean or 'rename', default: yes) unlink-limit: (size value, default: 0) ftp-force-mtime: (boolean, default: no) ignore-mtime: (boolean, default: no) temp-directory: (pathname, default: $TMPDIR || /tmp) lock-directory: (pathname, default: temp-directory) create-directory: (boolean, default: yes) remote-directory: (string) local-directory: (pathname) master-db-directory: (pathname) remote-db-directory: (pathname) local-db-directory: (pathname) lslR-file: (string) lslR-copy: (pathname) transfer-file-regexp: (regexp) transfer-directory-regexp: (regexp) override-file-regexp: (regexp) override-directory-regexp: (regexp) load-local-dirinfo: (boolean, default: no) store-local-dirinfo: (boolean, default: no) load-remote-dirinfo: (boolean, default: no) override-file-uid: (uid, default: 0) override-file-gid: (uid, default: 0) override-file-mode: (octal value, default: 0644) override-directory-mode: (octal value, default: 0755) default-file-uid: (uid, default: 0) default-file-gid: (gid, default: 0) default-file-mode: (octal value, default: 0644) default-directory-mode: (octal value, default: 0755) EXAMPLES
ftpmirror provides a 'ready-to-use' sample package for testing porpouses. In order to run the provided test package you need to issue the following commands (both commands must be run by the same user): mkdir -p /tmp/upstream /usr/bin/ftpmirror upstream This package should copy directory hierarchy from the original author's FTP location ( to your local hard drive (/tmp/upstream). IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION
The inclusion of this configuration is intended to be used ocassionally. Please don't abuse this site. SEE ALSO
For other supported configuration options see /etc/ftpmirror/ where you will find commented examples. AUTHOR
ftpmirror was originally written by Ikuo Nakagawa <> This manual page was written by Dario Minnucci <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Dario Minnucci <;> June 1, 2007 FTPMIRROR(8)
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