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milkytracker(1) [debian man page]

MILKYTRACKER(1) 					      General Commands Manual						   MILKYTRACKER(1)

milkytracker - music creation tool inspired by Fast Tracker 2 SYNOPSIS
milkytracker [options] files... DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the milkytracker command. milkytracker is an editor for tracked music, i.e. audio samples of instruments pitch shifted according to the note data. OPTIONS
-bpp 16|24 Set bits per pixel. -swap Swaps the red and blue values in 24 BPP mode. -orientation NORMAL|ROTATE90CCW|ROTATE90CW Valid arguments are NORMAL|ROTATE90CCW|ROTATE90CW. -fullscreen Run in fullscreen mode. -nosplash Do not show the splash screen. -nonstdbk Keyboard setting. -recvelocity MIDI input setting. -h Show summary of options. SEE ALSO
milkyplay(1), goattracker(1), ocp(1), xmp(1), modplugplay(1), schism(1). AUTHOR
milkytracker was written by Peter Barth. This manual page was written by Gurkan Sengun <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). February 26, 2008 MILKYTRACKER(1)

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SCHISM(1)						      General Commands Manual							 SCHISM(1)

schism - music editor SYNOPSIS
schism [ options ] [ directory ] [ file ] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the schism command. schism is a music editor (tracker) that aims to match the look and feel of Impulse Tracker so closely as possible. It can edit the follow- ing music modules formats it (native), s3m, xm, mod. OPTIONS
-a DRIVER, --audio-driver=DRIVER SDL audio driver (or "none") -v DRIVER, --video-driver=DRIVER SDL video driver --classic, --no-classic start schism in classic mode --display=DISPLAYNAME X11 display to use (e.g. ":0.0") -f, +f, --fullscreen, --no-fullscreen start in fullscreen mode -p, +p, --play, --no-play start playing after loading song on command line --font-editor, --no-font-editor start in font-editor (itf) --hooks, --no-hooks run startup/exit hooks (default: enabled) --version display version information -h, --help print this stuff SEE ALSO
ocp(1). AUTHOR
Impulse Tracker was written by Jeffrey Lim. A clone was written by Storlek/chisel, which is now maintained by Mrs. Brisby. This manual page was written by Gurkan Sengun <>. October 28, 2006 SCHISM(1)
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