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mic-image-convertor(1) [debian man page]

MIC-IMAGE-CONVERTOR(1)					      General Commands Manual					    MIC-IMAGE-CONVERTOR(1)

mic-image-convertor - Convert a virtual machine image to a live image SYNOPSIS
mic-image-convertor [options] DESCRIPTION
mic-image-convertor can convert a virtual machine image to a live image, this is specially for developers, they will use VMWare player or KVM or VirtualBox to run this image and do some changes in place, then they convert this changed image to a live image to run in a real device. mic-image-manager has a GUI tool for mic-image-convertor, you can use it if you prefer to use GUI instead of command line. General OPTIONS --version show version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -F SRCFORMAT, --source-format=SRCFORMAT Source image format, possible values are: raw, vmdk or vdi (default: automatically detect image type). -I SRCIMG, --source-image=SRCIMG Source image which was created by mic-image-creator or an image file system. -T DSTFORMAT, --target-format=DSTFORMAT Target image format, possible values are: livecd and liveusb -t TMPDIR, --tmpdir=TMPDIR Temporary directory to use (default: /var/tmp) -o OUTDIR, --outdir=OUTDIR Output directory to use (default: current work dir) -S SUFFIX, --suffix=SUFFIX Image name suffix (default: date stamp) OPTIONS For Live USB -i, --interactive Directly write into a USB disk. --fstype=FSTYPE File system type for live USB image, ext3 or vfat, the default is vfat. --overlay-size-mb=OVERLAYSIZEMB Overlay size in MB as unit, it means how size changes you can save in your live USB disk. Debug OPTIONS -d, --debug Output debugging information -v, --verbose Output verbose progress information --logfile=FILE Save debug information to FILE EXAMPLES
Convert a VMWare image to a live CD image: mic-image-convertor -I your-vmware-image.vmdk -T liveusb EXIT STATUS
mic-image-convertor returns a zero exist status if it succeeds, otherwise return non-zero and print error message. AUTHOR
Yi Yang, Anas Nashif, Jianfeng Ding SEE ALSO
mic-image-creator(1), mic-chroot(1), mic-image-writer(1), mic-livecd-iso-to-disk(1), mic-image-manager(1) perl v5.12.3 2011-05-31 MIC-IMAGE-CONVERTOR(1)

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BTRFS-IMAGE(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    BTRFS-IMAGE(8)

btrfs-image - create/restore an image of the filesystem SYNOPSIS
btrfs-image [options] source target DESCRIPTION
btrfs-image is used to create an image of a btrfs filesystem. All data will be zeroed, but metadata and the like is preserved. source is the special file corresponding to the device containing a btrfs filesystem. (e.g /dev/sdXX). target is the image file that btrfs-image creates. When used with -r option, btrfs-image restores the image file from source into target. OPTIONS
-r restore metadump image. -c value compression level (0 ~ 9). -t value number of threads (1 ~ 32) to be used to process the image dump or restore. -o use the old restore method, this does not fixup the chunk tree so the restored file system will not be able to be mounted. -s Sanitize the file names when generating the image. One -s means just generate random garbage, which means that the directory indexes won't match up since the hashes won't match with the garbage filenames. Using -ss will calculate a collision for the filename so that the hashes match, and if it can't calculate a collision then it will just generate garbage. The collision calculator is very time and CPU intensive so only use it if you are having problems with your file system tree and need to have it mostly working. -w Walk all the trees manually and copy any blocks that are referenced. Use this option if your extent tree is corrupted to make sure that all of the metadata is captured. AVAILABILITY
btrfs-image is part of btrfs-progs. Btrfs is currently under heavy development, and not suitable for any uses other than benchmarking and review. Please refer to the btrfs wiki for further details. SEE ALSO
btrfsck(8),mkfs.btrfs(8) BTRFS-IMAGE(8)

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