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MACPING(1)						      General Commands Manual							MACPING(1)

macping - A tool for pinging other RouterOS or mactelnetd devices SYNOPSIS
mactelnet [options] <MAC-Address|hostname> DESCRIPTION
This tool enables you to ping other RouterOS or MAC-Telnetd enabled devices. You can ping either a hostname or a MAC address. If speci- fied, the hostname (identity) will be looked up via MNDP discovery. OPTIONS
These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax. A summary of options is included below. -f Fast mode, do not wait before sending next ping request. The next ping will be sent immediately when the last ping is received. This cannot be used with -c 0 -s Specify the amount of bytes to send in each ping packet, up to ~1400 bytes. -c Number of packets to send before exiting. A value of 0 means unlimited packets and the tool must be exited with Control + C. -h Show summary of options. -v Show version of program. SEE ALSO
mndp(1), mactelnet(1), mactelnetd(1). AUTHOR
macping was written by Hakon Nessjoen <>. This manual page was written by Hakon Nessjoen <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). February 27, 2011 MACPING(1)

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OCF_PACEMAKER_PING(7)					      Pacemaker Configuration					     OCF_PACEMAKER_PING(7)

ocf_pacemaker_ping - node connectivity SYNOPSIS
[OCF_RESKEY_pidfile=string] [OCF_RESKEY_dampen=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_name=string] [OCF_RESKEY_multiplier=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_host_list=string] [OCF_RESKEY_attempts=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_timeout=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_options=string] [OCF_RESKEY_debug=string] ping [start | stop | reload | monitor | meta-data | validate-all] DESCRIPTION
Every time the monitor action is run, this resource agent records (in the CIB) the current number of ping nodes the host can connect to. It is essentially the same as pingd except that it uses the system ping tool to obtain the results. SUPPORTED PARAMETERS
OCF_RESKEY_pidfile = string [/ping-] PID file OCF_RESKEY_dampen = integer [5s] Dampening interval The time to wait (dampening) further changes occur OCF_RESKEY_name = string [pingd] Attribute name The name of the attributes to set. This is the name to be used in the constraints. OCF_RESKEY_multiplier = integer [] Value multiplier The number by which to multiply the number of connected ping nodes by OCF_RESKEY_host_list = string [] Host list The list of ping nodes to count. OCF_RESKEY_attempts = integer [2] no. of ping attempts Number of ping attempts, per host, before declaring it dead OCF_RESKEY_timeout = integer [2] ping timeout in seconds How long, in seconds, to wait before declaring a ping lost OCF_RESKEY_options = string [] Extra Options A catch all for any other options that need to be passed to ping. OCF_RESKEY_debug = string [false] Verbose logging Enables to use default attrd_updater verbose logging on every call. AUTHOR
Andrew Beekhof <> Author. Pacemaker Configuration 04/17/2012 OCF_PACEMAKER_PING(7)
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