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linphonecsh(1) [debian man page]

linphonecsh(1)						     linphone, internet phone						    linphonecsh(1)

linphonecsh - Sends a command to a linphonec running in daemon mode, and exits. SYNTAX
linphonecsh init <optional linphonec args> linphonecsh exit linphonecsh generic <linphonec command line surrounded by quotes> linphonecsh register --username <username> --host <proxy> --password <password> linphonecsh unregister linphonecsh dial <sip address or number> linphonecsh status <domain = one of 'register', 'hook', 'autoanswer'> linphonecsh --help DESCRIPTION
Linphonecsh is a small utility to send basic commands to a linphonec (console mode linphone) process. Unlike linphonec, linphonecsh does not wait commands from standard input: it takes the command from its arguments and sends it using unix pipe to a linphonec process started in daemon mode. The motivation for this tool is for example to simply execute voip calls from scripts, web-servers, or javascript web pages. The very first thing to do before doing actions is to ask linphonecsh to spawn a linphonec daemon using linphonecsh init The resulting linphonec daemon does not read or write any configuration file. When the linphonec daemon is no more needed, the following commands makes it exit properly: linphonecsh exit FILES
By default a linphonec started as a daemon by 'linphonecsh init' does not use a config file. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
Simon Morlat <simon.morlat at> SEE ALSO
linphonec(1) sipomatic(1) linphone(1) Simon MORLAT 3.0.0 linphonecsh(1)

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linphonec(1)						     linphone, internet phone						      linphonec(1)

linphonec - Console interface of linphone, a SIP compatible internet phone. SYNTAX
linphonec [-d] <debug_level> [-l] <debug_file> [-c] <config_file> linphonec -v DESCRIPTION
Linphonec is the console version of originally Gnome internet phone linphone ( . Linphonec can be started without arguments. It doesn't need any config file to start correctly and will create a default one at the first startup if the file does not exist. By default the path of the config file is ~/.linphonerc . Most parameters (proxy, passwords) can be changed from the command line, for some of them (path of sound rings), you'll need to edit the .linphonerc config file. Once linphonec has started, linphonec wait for some commands and is ready to receive calls. The most important commands are call <sip url> : to call someone. A sip url is in the form sip:user@host terminate : to terminate a call answer : to accept an incoming call. help : to display interactive help. OPTIONS -d <debug_level> Use debug mode with given verbosity (debug_level). The debug_level is an integer in the range 0..5 . -h Output help information and exit. -l <log_file> Specifies a file where debug information will be written. Default is stdout. -c <config_file> Specifies the config file to read at startup. FILES ~/.linphonec ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
Florian Winterstein <fwin at> Simon Morlat <simon.morlat at> SEE ALSO
linphone(1) sipomatic(1) Florian Winterstein &; Simon MORLAT 1.0.0 linphonec(1)
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