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lcp(1) [debian man page]

LCP(1)							    BSD General Commands Manual 						    LCP(1)

lcp -- Secure remote file copy SYNOPSIS
lcp [-fvn] [[user@]host1:]file1 [[user@]host2:]file2 DESCRIPTION
lcp is a program that securely copies files between two hosts on a network. This is intended as a secure replacement for rcp(1). Note that both the source and the destination can be on remote machines. OPTIONS
Available options: --help Show summary of options. -f, --force Overwrite existing files. -v, --version Display commands before they are executed. -n, --dry-run Don't execute any commands. Implies -v. ENVIRONMENT
LSFTP_RSH The program to use for the SSH tunnel. If the variable is not set, lcp defaults to using lsh. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <>. AUTHOR
The lsh program suite is written mainly by Niels Moller <>. This man-page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by Charles Fry <>. SEE ALSO
rcp(1), scp(1), lsftp(1), lsh(1), lshd(8) BSD
November 8, 2005 BSD

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SSH-CONV(1)							    Lsh Manuals 						       SSH-CONV(1)

ssh-conv - script to convert OpenSSH/SSH2 keys to lsh format SYNOPSIS
CAUTION! The information in this manpage may be invalid or outdated. For authorative information on lsh, please see it's Texinfo manual (see the SEE ALSO section). Converts an OpenSSH style public key to spki format used by lsh. Reads the key from stdin and outputs the converted key on stdout. Example usage: $ ssh-conv < /home/pont/.ssh/ lsh-decode-key: lsh-decode-key: Reading key of type ssh-dss... {KDEwOnB1YmxpYy1rZXkoMzpkc2EoMTpwMTI5OgD1qRFBMowgnnOzjOp3HptHWf9836wy/3 F59d8DfWWehKgy8DNISgmzCnRNXReL/5PvTZwFID2KvEYfyxAYy4uTSJbtkzDfsicGWi7n YbXu2VpWHpNdhsaKrEu9iXmQb4JoN1grC0QsaCZrngACZRKEAklPH9ubwCMBK55yRP27gy koMTpxMjE6AIoOrpe064y7L2oYQqBE3sNskW19KSgxOmcxMjg6Olyu4xMIWsUBeVnbg2oU BvvbcsnHHhHyDVHmMZ1ERhDCLl6gjIsbWjBIBIXZUaFJ6AO236CfgdM5Rop5XYmcIIA9G7 QD2GWTe48MGdjFQVyr2SKoDiNFKSJXqHVYzZJeosvz6FyTDt7aGNGqcL0tG7GXl9savALt RSQRfO9JlOcpKDE6eTEyOToAwyzp6sIt6KsLhFoeM9ADA7opHq4lFT6bS8su9g3KBGqGG4 JNsEN9CI5SnLpqsfVm5SxmqPMPJvdGVOqAjjfzsv7SvfhSBUHXYeYpgci49pfc5bZCh/EY zX7bVnOVV3gQgNGeT0FN1gf9vTUMKh1VGPRfm7unXNqjBLEMYmlRwqcpKSk=} $ OPTIONS
--decode-with PROGRAM-NAME The program to use for the actual decoding. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <>. COPYING
The lsh suite of programs is distributed under the GNU General Public License; see the COPYING and AUTHORS files in the source distribution for details. AUTHOR
The lsh program suite is written mainly by Niels Moller <>. This man-page was written for lsh 2.0 by Pontus Freyhult <>, it is based on a template written by J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) <>. SEE ALSO
lsftp(1), lshg(1), lsh-authorize(1), lsh-decode-key(1), lsh-decrypt-key(1), lsh-export-key(1), lsh-keygen(1), lsh-make-seed(1), lsh- upgrade(1), lsh-upgrade-key(1), lsh-writekey(1), lshd(8) The full documentation for lsh is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and lsh programs are properly installed at your site, the command info lsh should give you access to the complete manual. SSH-CONV NOVEMBER 2004 SSH-CONV(1)
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