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jekyll(1) [debian man page]

JEKYLL(1)							   User Commands							 JEKYLL(1)

Jekyll - is a blogaware, static site generator. USAGE
jekyll # . -> ./_site jekyll <path to write generated site> # . -> <path> jekyll <path to source> <path to write generated site> # <path> -> <path> jekyll import <importer name> <options> # imports posts using named import script Configuration is read from '<source>/_config.yml' but can be overridden using the following options: OPTIONS
--file [PATH] File to import from --dbname [TEXT] DB to import from --user [TEXT] Username to use when importing --pass [TEXT] Password to use when importing --host [HOST ADDRESS] Host to import from --site [SITE NAME] Site to import from --[no-]safe Safe mode (default unsafe) --[no-]auto Auto-regenerate --server [PORT] Start web server (default port 4000) --no-server Do not start a web server --base-url [BASE_URL] Serve website from a given base URL (default '/' --[no-]lsi Use LSI for better related posts --[no-]pygments Use pygments to highlight code --rdiscount Use rdiscount gem for Markdown --redcarpet Use redcarpet gem for Markdown --kramdown Use kramdown gem for Markdown --time [TIME] Time to generate the site for --[no-]future Render future dated posts --permalink [TYPE] Use 'date' (default) for YYYY/MM/DD --paginate [POSTS_PER_PAGE] Paginate a blog's posts --limit_posts [MAX_POSTS] Limit the number of posts to publish --url [URL] Set custom site.url --version Display current version AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Youhei SASAKI <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system(but may be used by others). Jekyll 0.11.2 May 2012 JEKYLL(1)

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VIEWVC-STANDALONE(1)					      General Commands Manual					      VIEWVC-STANDALONE(1)

viewvc-standalone - run a simple stand-alone HTTP server for ViewVC SYNOPSIS
viewvc-standalone [options] DESCRIPTION
Run a simple, standalone HTTP server configured to serve up ViewVC requests. OPTIONS
-c, --config-file=PATH Use the file at PATH as the ViewVC configuration file. If not specified, ViewVC will try to use the configuration file in its installation tree; otherwise, built-in default values are used. This option is not valid in GUI mode. -d, --daemon Background the server process. -h, --host=HOST Start the server listening on HOST. You need to provide the hostname if you want to access the standalone server from a remote machine. The default is localhost. -p, --port=PORT Start the server on the given PORT. The default is 49152. -r, --repository=PATH Serve up the Subversion or CVS repository located at PATH. This option may be used more than once. -s, --script-alias=PATH Specify the ScriptAlias, the artificial path location that at which ViewVC appears to be located. For example, if your ScriptAlias is cgi-bin/viewvc, then ViewVC will be accessible at http://localhost:49152/cgi-bin/viewvc. The default is viewvc. -g, --gui Pop up a graphical interface for serving and testing ViewVC. Note: this requires a valid X11 display connection. FILES
/etc/viewvc/viewvc.conf SEE ALSO
ViewVC web site, AUTHORS
viewvc-standalone was written by the ViewVC Group. A complete list of authors may be obtained at This manual page was written by John Zaitseff <> for the Debian project. It is distributed under the GNU General Pub- lic License, version 2 or later, and may be used under that licence by others. 2010-04-01 VIEWVC-STANDALONE(1)