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ibv_uc_pingpong(1) [debian man page]


ibv_uc_pingpong - simple InfiniBand UC transport test SYNOPSIS
ibv_uc_pingpong [-p port] [-d device] [-i ib port] [-s size] [-r rx depth] [-n iters] [-l sl] [-e] HOSTNAME ibv_uc_pingpong [-p port] [-d device] [-i ib port] [-s size] [-r rx depth] [-n iters] [-l sl] [-e] DESCRIPTION
Run a simple ping-pong test over InfiniBand via the reliable connected (RC) transport. OPTIONS
-p, --port=PORT use TCP port PORT for initial synchronization (default 18515) -d, --ib-dev=DEVICE use IB device DEVICE (default first device found) -i, --ib-port=PORT use IB port PORT (default port 1) -s, --size=SIZE ping-pong messages of size SIZE (default 4096) -r, --rx-depth=DEPTH post DEPTH receives at a time (default 1000) -n, --iters=ITERS perform ITERS message exchanges (default 1000) -l, --sl=SL use SL as the service level value of the QP (default 0) -e, --events sleep while waiting for work completion events (default is to poll for completions) SEE ALSO
ibv_rc_pingpong(1), ibv_ud_pingpong(1), ibv_srq_pingpong(1) AUTHORS
Roland Dreier <> BUGS
The network synchronization between client and server instances is weak, and does not prevent incompatible options from being used on the two instances. The method used for retrieving work completions is not strictly correct, and race conditions may cause failures on some systems. libibverbs August 30, 2005 IBV_UC_PINGPONG(1)

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SMPDUMP(8)							Open IB Diagnostics							SMPDUMP(8)

SMPDUMP - dump InfiniBand subnet management attributes SYNOPSIS smpdump [options] <dlid|dr_path> <attribute> [attribute_modifier] DESCRIPTION smpdump is a general purpose SMP utility which gets SM attributes from a specified SMA. The result is dumped in hex by default. OPTIONS dlid|drpath LID or DR path to SMA attribute IBA attribute ID for SM attribute attribute_modifier IBA modifier for SM attribute -s, --string Print strings in packet if possible Addressing Flags -D, --Direct The address specified is a directed route Examples: [options] -D [options] "0" # self port [options] -D [options] "0,1,2,1,4" # out via port 1, then 2, ... (Note the second number in the path specified must match the port being used. This can be specified using the port selection flag '-P' or the port found through the automatic selection process.) -L, --Lid The address specified is a LID Port Selection flags -C, --Ca <ca_name> use the specified ca_name. -P, --Port <ca_port> use the specified ca_port. Local port Selection Multiple port/Multiple CA support: when no IB device or port is specified (see the "local umad parameters" below), the libibumad library selects the port to use by the following criteria: 1. the first port that is ACTIVE. 2. if not found, the first port that is UP (physical link up). If a port and/or CA name is specified, the libibumad library attempts to fulfill the user request, and will fail if it is not possible. For example: ibaddr # use the first port (criteria #1 above) ibaddr -C mthca1 # pick the best port from "mthca1" only. ibaddr -P 2 # use the second (active/up) port from the first available IB device. ibaddr -C mthca0 -P 2 # use the specified port only. Debugging flags -d raise the IB debugging level. May be used several times (-ddd or -d -d -d). -e show send and receive errors (timeouts and others) -h, --help show the usage message -v, --verbose increase the application verbosity level. May be used several times (-vv or -v -v -v) -V, --version show the version info. Configuration flags -t, --timeout <timeout_ms> override the default timeout for the solicited mads. --config, -z <config_file> Specify alternate config file. Default: /etc/infiniband-diags/ibdiag.conf FILES CONFIG FILE /etc/infiniband-diags/ibdiag.conf A global config file is provided to set some of the common options for all tools. See supplied config file for details. EXAMPLES Direct Routed Examples :: smpdump -D 0,1,2,3,5 16 # NODE DESC smpdump -D 0,1,2 0x15 2 # PORT INFO, port 2 LID Routed Examples :: smpdump 3 0x15 2 # PORT INFO, lid 3 port 2 smpdump 0xa0 0x11 # NODE INFO, lid 0xa0 SEE ALSO smpquery (8) AUTHOR Hal Rosenstock < > SMPDUMP(8)
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