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ibid-pb-client(1) [debian man page]

IBID-PB-CLIENT(1)					     Ibid - Multi-protocol Bot						 IBID-PB-CLIENT(1)

ibid-pb-client - RPC Client for Ibid SYNOPSIS
ibid-pb-client [options...] message message ibid-pb-client [options...] plugin feature method [parameter...] ibid-pb-client -h DESCRIPTION
This utility is for passing events to a running Ibid bot, or executing RPC-exposed functions remotely. It communicates with the pb source on the Ibid. message is a text message as could be sent to the bot by an IM source. The message is processed normally by the bot. feature is the name of the feature to invoke exposed method method on, directly. parameters are passed directly to the method. They can be specified positionally or by key, using the same syntax as Python: key=value. They may be encoded in JSON, if not valid JSON they will be treated as strings. The output is a JSON-encoded response. OPTIONS
-s HOSTNAME, --server=SERVER Connect to the Ibid running on SERVER, by default it connects to localhost. -p FILE, --port=PORT Connect to the pb source running on port PORT, by default 8789. -h, --help Show a help message and exit. SEE ALSO
ibid(1), Ibid 0.1 March 2010 IBID-PB-CLIENT(1)

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IBID-DB(1)						     Ibid - Multi-protocol Bot							IBID-DB(1)

ibid-db - Database management utility for Ibid SYNOPSIS
ibid-db command [options...] DESCRIPTION
This utility is for offline management of your Ibid bot's database. Used for import, export, and upgrades. The export format is DBMS-agnostic and can be used to migrate between different databases. COMMANDS
-e FILE, --export=FILE Export DB contents to FILE. Export format is JSON. FILE can be - for stdin/stdout or can end in .gz for automatic gzip compression. -i FILE, --import=FILE Import DB contents from FILE as exported by this utility. FILE can be - for stdin/stdout or can end in .gz for automatic gzip compression. Note: The DB must be empty first. -u, --upgrade Upgrade DB schema to the latest version. You need to run this after upgrading your bot. Note: You should backup first. OPTIONS
--version Show the program's version and exit. -h, --help Show a help message and exit. -v, --verbose Turn on debugging output to stderr. FILES
ibid.ini Locates the database to act upon by looking for the [databases].ibid value in the bot configuration file in the current directory. SEE ALSO
ibid(1), ibid.ini(5), ibid-setup(1), Ibid 0.1 March 2010 IBID-DB(1)
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