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iat(1) [debian man page]

iat(1)							      General Commands Manual							    iat(1)

iat - converts many CD-ROM image formats to iso9660. SYNOPSIS
iat input_image_file [output_iso_file] iat -h DESCRIPTION
iat (Iso9660 Analyzer Tool) is a tool for detecting the structure of many types of CD-ROM image file formats, such as BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, and B5I, and converting them into ISO-9660. If output file name is not defined, then STDOUT will be used instead. EXAMPLES
iat my_image.mdf my_new_image.iso - Convert MDF-image to ISO9660. iat my_image.bin > my_new_image.iso - Convert BIN-image to ISO9660. iat my_image.mdf | cdrecord - - Write CD directly from MDF-format. iat -h - The help screen. AUTHOR
Salvatore Santagati <> SEE ALSO
mkisofs (1), wodim (1) Mon Apr 2 17:21:31 MSD 2007 iat(1)

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ISO-INFO(1)							   User Commands						       ISO-INFO(1)

iso-info - shows Information about an ISO 9660 image SYNOPSIS
-d, --debug=UINT Set debugging to LEVEL -i, --input[=FILE] Filename to read ISO-9960 image from -f Generate output similar to 'find . -print' -l, --iso9660 output similar to 'ls -lR' for an ISO 9660 fs -U, --udf output similar to 'ls -lR' for a UDF fs --no-header Don't display header and copyright (for regression --no-joliet Don't use Joliet-extension information --no-rock-ridge Don't use Rock-Ridge-extension information --no-xa Don't use XA-extension information -r --show-rock-ridge UINT Show if image uses Rock-Ridge extensions A maximum of UINT files will be considered. Use 0 for all files. -q, --quiet Don't produce warning output -V, --version display version and copyright information and exit Help options: -?, --help Show this help message --usage Display brief usage message AUTHOR
Rocky Bernstein <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003-2005, 2007-2008, 2011-2013 R. Bernstein This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICU- LAR PURPOSE. Have driver: GNU/Linux ioctl and MMC driver Have driver: cdrdao (TOC) disk image driver Have driver: bin/cuesheet disk image driver Have driver: Nero NRG disk image driver Default CD-ROM device: /dev/sr0 SEE ALSO
cd-info(1) for information about an ISO-9660 image. cd-read(1) to read portions of an ISO 9660 image. iso-info December 2013 ISO-INFO(1)
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