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hwloc-assembler-remote(1) [debian man page]


hwloc-assembler-remote - Assemble multiple remote host topologies SYNOPSIS
hwloc-assembler-remote [options] output.xml host1 host2 ... OPTIONS
--ssh <ssh> Use the given ssh command (and options) to connect to remote hosts. --lstopo-path <path> Use the given path as the remote lstopo command when gathering remote topologies. By default, lstopo is taken from the PATH envi- ronment variable. --lstopo-opts <opts> Pass the given lstopo options when gathering remote topologies. --show Display the resulting topology before exit. -v --verbose Verbose messages. DESCRIPTION
hwloc-assembler-remote is a frontend to hwloc-assembler. It takes care of retrieving the remote nodes' topologies before assembling them with hwloc-assembler. EXAMPLES
To assemble three nodes topologies: $ hwloc-assembler-remote output.xml host1 host2 host3 To assemble the topology of a multi-process MPI job defined as a machinefile: $ hwloc-assembler-remote output.xml `cat machinefile | sort | uniq` RETURN VALUE
Upon successful execution, hwloc-assembler-remote returns 0. hwloc-assembler-remote will return nonzero if any kind of error occurs, such as (but not limited to) failure to parse the command line. SEE ALSO
hwloc(7), lstopo(1), hwloc-assembler(1) 1.4.1 Feb 27, 2012 HWLOC-ASSEMBLER-REMOTE(1)

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HWLOC-PS(1)							       hwloc							       HWLOC-PS(1)

hwloc-ps - List currently-running processes that are bound. SYNOPSIS
hwloc-ps [options] OPTIONS
-a list all processes, even those that are not bound to any specific part of the machine. -p --physical report OS/physical indexes instead of logical indexes -l --logical report logical indexes instead of physical/OS indexes (default) -c --cpuset show process bindings as cpusets instead of objects. --whole-system Do not consider administration limitations. DESCRIPTION
By default, hwloc-ps lists only those currently-running processes that are bound; it displays their their identifier, command-line and binding. The binding may be reported as objects or cpusets. By default, process bindings are restricted to the currently available topol- ogy. If some processes are bound to processors that are not available to the current process, they are ignored unless --whole-system is given. The output is a plain list. If you wish to annotate the hierarchical topology with processes so as to see how they are actual dis- tributed on the machine, you might want to use lstopo --ps instead (which also only shows processes that are bound). The -a switch can be used to show all processes, if desired. SEE ALSO
hwloc(7), lstopo(1), hwloc-calc(1), hwloc-distrib(1) 1.4.1 Feb 27, 2012 HWLOC-PS(1)
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