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hsetroot(1) [debian man page]

HSETROOT(1)						 Yet Another Wallpaper Application					       HSETROOT(1)

hsetroot - Another Wallpaper Application SYNOPSIS
hsetroot [-screens <bitmask>] [command1 [arg1..]] [command2 [arg1..]] OPTIONS
Generic Options: -screens set a screenmask to use. For example 1 will only set the root pixmap of screen 0, 3 will set the root pixmap of screen 0 and 1. Gradients: -add <color> Add a color to range using distance 1 -addd <color> <distance> Add a color to range using custom distance -gradient <angle> Render gradient using specified angle -clear Clear the color range Solid: -solid <color> Render a solid using the specified color Colors are in the #rrbbgg or #rrggbbaa format Image Files: -center <image> Render an image centered on screen -tile <image> Render an image tiled -full <image> Render an image maximum aspect -fill <image> Render an image strechted Manipulations -tint <color> Tint the current image -blur <radius> Blur the current image -sharpen <radius> Sharpen the current image -contrast <amount> Adjust contrast of current image -brightness <amount> Adjust brightness of current image -gamma <amount> Adjust gamma level of current image -flipv Flip the current image vertically -fliph Flip the current image horizontally -flipd Flip the current image diagonally Misc: -alpha <amount> Adjust alpha level for colors and images -write <filename> Write current image to file AUTHORS
Hyriand <> Sent bugreports to: OTHER
This manual page was written by Francesco Pedrini <> for the Debian system (but may be used by others). User Manual Mar 2005 HSETROOT(1)

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XmInstallImage(library call)											      XmInstallImage(library call)

XmInstallImage -- A pixmap caching function that adds an image to the image cache SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Xm.h> Boolean XmInstallImage( XImage * image, char * image_name); DESCRIPTION
XmInstallImage stores an image in an image cache that can later be used to generate a pixmap. Part of the installation process is to extend the resource converter used to reference these images. The resource converter is given the image name so that the image can be ref- erenced in a .Xdefaults file. Since an image can be referenced by a widget through its pixmap resources, it is up to the application to ensure that the image is installed before the widget is created. image Points to the image structure to be installed. The installation process does not make a local copy of the image. Therefore, the application should not destroy the image until it is uninstalled from the caching functions. image_name Specifies a string that the application uses to name the image. After installation, this name can be used in .Xdefaults for ref- erencing the image. A local copy of the name is created by the image caching functions. The image caching functions provide a set of eight preinstalled images. These names can be used within a .Xdefaults file for generating pixmaps for the resource for which they are provided. +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |Image Name | Description | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |background | A tile of solid background | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |25_foreground | A tile of 25% foreground, 75% background | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |50_foreground | A tile of 50% foreground, 50% background | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |75_foreground | A tile of 75% foreground, 25% background | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |horizontal | A tile of horizontal lines of the two colors | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |vertical | A tile of vertical lines of the two colors | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |slant_right | A tile of slanting lines of the two colors | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |slant_left | A tile of slanting lines of the two colors | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |menu_cascade | A tile of an arrow of the foreground color | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |menu_checkmark | A tile of a checkmark of the foreground color | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |menu_dash | A tile of one horizontal line of the foreground | | | color | +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ +---------------+---------------------------------------------------+ RETURN
Returns True when successful; returns False if NULL image, NULL image_name, or duplicate image_name is used as a parameter value. RELATED
XmUninstallImage(3), XmGetPixmap(3), and XmDestroyPixmap(3). XmInstallImage(library call)

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