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gpo(1) [debian man page]

GPO(1)								   User Commands							    GPO(1)

gpo - Command-line frontend to gPodder SYNOPSIS
This is the command-line frontend to gPodder. Run the command without parameters to show an overview of possible options and sub-commands. BUGS
Some commands are not yet implemented. Also, this manual page is quite empty. Feel free to contribute documentation and/or code for this utility. See the gPodder website at for more information. gpodder 2.20.1 February 2012 GPO(1)

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GPODDER-BACKUP(1)						   User Commands						 GPODDER-BACKUP(1)

gpodder-backup - Backup and restore utility for gPodder user data SYNOPSIS
gpodder-backup [--create|--extract] <archive.gpo.tar.gz> [options] gpodder-backup --purge DESCRIPTION
This utility can be used to create a dump of the current gPodder data (configuration files + downloads), optionally replacing the real con- tents of the download folder with zero-byte files (for submitting your data to a bug report without having to transfer lots of data). OPTIONS
--version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -c <FILE>, --create=<FILE> Create a new archive -x <FILE>, --extract=<FILE> Extract an existing archive -f, --fake-downloads Store downloads as zero-byte files in backup -n, --no-covers Do not include cover files in archive -D <DIR>, --destination=<DIR> Extract downloads in different folder -P, --purge Remove current data (can be combined with --extract) USAGE FOR BUG REPORTING
This command is useful if you want to report a bug in gPodder: gpodder-backup --create bug123.gpo.tar.gz --fake-downloads Backup your current data to file bug123.gpo.tar.gz, but don't store download data (create zero-size dummy files instead). You can then attach bug123.gpo.tar.gz to the bug report. If you are instructed to try gPodder from a "clean state", you can use the following command (be sure to backup your data before!): gpodder-backup --purge Remove all gPodder data, so you can start from a clean state EXAMPLES
gpodder-backup --create today.gpo.tar.gz Backup your current data to file today.gpo.tar.gz gpodder-backup --extract mybackup.gpo.tar.gz Restore (without purging) the contents of mybackup.gpo.tar.gz gpodder-backup --extract default.gpo.tar.gz --purge Remove current data, then restore the contents of default.gpo.tar.gz gpodder-backup --purge Remove all gPodder data, so you can start from a clean state EXTRACTING FAKED DOWNLOADS
Please note that any existing downloads will be overwritten with zero-byte files when using the --extract option of the gpodder-backup utility with a backup created with --fake-downloads AUTHOR
gpodder-backup was written by Thomas Perl ( gpodder-backup 1.0 December 2010 GPODDER-BACKUP(1)

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