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gmerlin_launcher(1) [debian man page]

GMERLIN_REMOTE(1)						   User Manuals 						 GMERLIN_REMOTE(1)

gmerlin_remote - Remote control command for the Gmerlin GUI Player SYNOPSIS
gmerlin_remote [options] command DESCRIPTION
Remote control command for the Gmerlin GUI Player GLOBAL OPTIONS
-host <hostname> Host to connect to, default is localhost -port <port> Port to connect to -launch Launch new player if necessary COMMANDS
-play Play current track -next Switch to next track -prev Switch to previous track -stop Stop playback -pause Pause playback -mute Toggle mute -add <gml> Add <gml> to the incoming album -addplay <gml> Add <gml> to the incoming album and play it -open <device> Open album for <device>. Device must be a GML (e.g. dvd:///dev/hdd). -openplay <device> Open album for <device> and play first track. Device must be a GML (e.g. dvd:///dev/hdd). -volume <volume> Set player volume. <volume> is in dB, 0.0 is max -volume-rel <diff> In- or decrease player volume. <diff> is in dB -seek-rel <diff> Seek relative. <diff> is in seconds. -chapter [num|+|-] Go to the specified chapter. Use '+' and '-' to go to the next or previous chapter respectively -get-name Print name of the current track -get-metadata Print metadata of the current track -get-time Print time of the current track GENERIC OPTIONS
The following generic options are available for all gmerlin applications -help Print this help message and exit -help-man Print this help message as a manual page and exit -help-texi Print this help message in texinfo format and exit -version Print version info and exit ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
GMERLIN_PLAYER_REMOTE_PORT Default port for the remote control Gmerlin December 2012 GMERLIN_REMOTE(1)

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MPRIS-REMOTE(1) 					       mpris-remopte Manual						   MPRIS-REMOTE(1)

mpris-remote - control mpris compatible audio players SYNOPSIS
mpris-remote [ options ] DESCRIPTION
mpris is a dbus standard interface to control media players. Many players like amarok, Audacious, QMMP, mpd with mpDris support this interface. mpris-remote is a command-line interface to control media players via mpris. OPTIONS
-h, --help Prints usage of mpris-remote and exit. addtrack uri [true] Add track at specified uri to media-player. Filetypes, protocols, locations are dependent on the media player. If true is specified starts immediate playback of added track. uri can be set to - to read uris from stdin. clear Clear current playlist. deltrack tracknumber Remove tracknumber from current playlist. identity: Print the identity of the player. Typically version and name. loop [true|false] If the parameter is omitted prints whether media player will loop track list. Otherwise sets whether track list loops or not. next Next track. numtrack Prints number of tracks in current playlist. play Start playback playstatus Print information about the current status of the player. prev, previous Previous track. position Prints position in current track random [true|false] If the parameter is omitted prints whether media player has random/shuffle enabled. Otherwise set random/shuffle status. repeat [true|false] Set current track repeat. seek time Seeks to specified time in track. time is specified as milliseconds from 0. stop Stop playback trackinfo [track] Prints trackinfo. If track is committee prints trackinfo for current track. If track is * prints trackinfo for all tracks in playlist. tracknum Prints track number in current playlist volume [PERCENT] If percent is omitted returns current volume. Otherwise sets player volume to specified percentage. quit Exit player. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
MPRIS_REMOTE_PLAYER If unset or set to *, mpris-remote will communicate with the first player it finds registered under "org.mpris.*" through D-BUS. If you only have one MPRIS-compliant player running, then this will be fine. If you have more than one running, you will want to set this variable to the name of the player you want to connect to. For example, if set to foo, it will try to communicate with the player at "" and will fail if nothing exists at that name. SEE ALSO
For more information about mpris see AUTHOR
mpris-remote was written by Nick Welch <>. mpris-remote 08/06/2010 MPRIS-REMOTE(1)
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