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getcookie(1)						      General Commands Manual						      getcookie(1)

getcookie - get a cookie from the DSBL server for batch testing SYNOPSIS
getcookie attempts to retrieve a cookie from the DSBL server and writes it to stdout. If the retrieved cookie value is put into the envi- ronment variable DSBL_COOKIE, all of the test programs in the DSBL test suite will use that cookie value rather than attempting to retrieve a cookie themselves, hence saving time and bandwidth when a batch of tests is to be run. AUTHOR
Paul Howarth <> SEE ALSO
dsbl.conf(5), socks4test(1), socks5test(1), httptest(1), formmailtest(1), relaytest(1) 2003-12-22 getcookie(1)

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formmailtest(1) 					      General Commands Manual						   formmailtest(1)

formmailtest - attempt to use formmail to relay to a DSBL-complaint host SYNOPSIS
formmailtest <url> [<spoof recipient>] DESCRIPTION
formmailtest attempts to connect to the specified host and uses several different to attempt to relay through the FormMail script located at <url>. It can do more tests if the normal recipient for that FormMail script is provided as <spoof recipient>, but it can quite often relay without. Tests are done with both GET and POST to attempt to bypass any firewall/httpd.conf/.htaccess pseudo-security. In the tests described below, DOMAIN is the section of <spoof recipient> after the @ sign, USER is the section before, and DASHDOMAIN is DOMAIN after all periods have been replaced by dashes. Tests:!listme realname=&email= Cc: realname=) Cc: (&recipient=()!listme@DOMAIN recipient=<>DOMAIN realname=&email=0c: realname=)0c: (&email=&recipient=DOMAIN recipient=<>USER@DASHDOMAIN AUTHOR
Ian Gulliver <> SEE ALSO
dsbl.conf(5), spamtrap(1) 2002-04-03 formmailtest(1)
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