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fvwm-perllib(1) [debian man page]

fvwm-perllib(1) 						  Fvwm Utilities						   fvwm-perllib(1)

fvwm-perllib - shows the documentation of the Fvwm Perl library SYNOPSIS
fvwm-perllib [ --help|-h|-? ] [ --version|-v|-V ] [ man [ Perl::Class ] ] [ cat [ Perl::Class ] ] [ raw [ Perl::Class ] ] [ dir ] DESCRIPTION
Starting from fvwm-2.5.x versions there is a built-in support for creating fvwm modules in Perl. This fvwm-perllib utility provides help services for the Fvwm Perl library. OPTIONS
--help show the help and exit --version show the version and exit --man or man [ Perl::Class ] show manual page just like man(1) --cat or cat [ Perl::Class ] show manual page in plain text --raw or raw [ Perl::Class ] generate output in man format (not human readable) --dir or dir print perllib directory without a trailing end of line USAGE
Use this in the fvwm modules written in Perl: use lib `fvwm-perllib dir`; Introduction to the Fvwm Perl library: % fvwm-perllib man Manual page for the "FVWM::Module" class: % fvwm-perllib man FVWM::Module Standard options: % fvwm-perllib --help % fvwm-perllib --version AUTHORS
Mikhael Goikhman <>. COPYING
The script is distributed by the same terms as fvwm itself. See GNU General Public License for details. BUGS
No known bugs. Report bugs to 2.5.28 (from cvs) 2009-03-22 fvwm-perllib(1)

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FVWM-THEMES-START(1)					      General Commands Manual					      FVWM-THEMES-START(1)

fvwm-themes-start - FVWM Themes starter SYNOPSIS
fvwm-themes-start [ --session|-s name ] [ --no-start|-n ] [ --fvwm-exe|-e ] [ -- fvwm-args ] DESCRIPTION
This script runs fvwm with FVWM Themes. It should be run under X. Put a call to this script as the last line of your .Xclients, .xinitrc or .xsession file. OPTIONS
--session name - name of the FVWM Themes session. By default it is "main". This allows to have and run different FVWM Themes configuration. --no-start - do not start fvwm, just do preparation for starting it. This is useful to start FVWM Themes with a session manager, see FAQ. --fvwm-exe - changes the default executable, which is fvwm or whatever fvwm-config --fvwm-exe returns. -- everything after -- is passed to FVWM. See the fvwm(1) man page for the fvwm options. EXAMPLES
Most users just should put: fvwm-themes-start as the last line of their .Xclients, .xinitrc or .xsession file. If you want to use FVWM Themes with a real session manager, say GNOME, you need to use the --no-start option and put: fvwm-themes-start --no-start gnome-session as the last lines of your .Xclients, .xinitrc or .xsession file. The session option allows to use FVWM Themes with different configura- tions. Say, you want to use 3 different configurations under a normal FVWM session when FOO test is false, under gnome-session and under a normal FVWM session when FOO test is true. Then, your .xinitrc/.xsession file may look as follows (where $1 is the "first" argument given by startx, or by kdm or gdm ...): ... case $1 in fvwm) if FOO; Then fvwm-themes-start --session special else fvwm-themes-start fi ;; gnome) fvwm-themes-start --session gnome --no-start gnome-session ;; ... other cases ... esac Note that with most session managers (e.g., GNOME or XSM) it is preferable to give "fvwm -f themes-rc" as the starting window manager com- mand in the session manager. COPYING
The script is distributed by the same terms as fvwm-themes itself. See GNU General Public License for details. BUGS
Report bugs to Fvwm Utility 15/Aug/2000 FVWM-THEMES-START(1)
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