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forward(1)						      General Commands Manual							forward(1)

forward - forward new mail to one or more addresses SYNOPSIS
in .qmail: |forward address ... DESCRIPTION
forward forwards each new mail message to the specified list of addresses. It is a simple wrapper around qmail-queue. It achieves the same results as listing each address separately in .qmail, but it is more programmable since address can be constructed on the fly. SEE ALSO
dot-qmail(5), qmail-command(8), qmail-queue(8) forward(1)

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qmail(7)						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						  qmail(7)

qmail - overview of qmail documentation INTRODUCTION
qmail is a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent. Users who want to control incoming messages should read dot-qmail(5). Available commands for the .qmail file include qbiff(1), qre- ceipt(1), forward(1), bouncesaying(1), and condredirect(1). Other helpful commands include maildirmake(1), maildir2mbox(1), and maildirwatch(1). System administrators who want to control the entire qmail system should start with qmail-control(5) and qmail-start(8). There are three queue-monitoring tools: qmail-qread(8), qmail-qstat(8), and qmail-tcpto(8). Incoming SMTP connections are handled by qmail-smtpd(8). qmail offers two command-line message-sending interfaces: qmail-inject(8) and mailsubj(1). For background information on Internet mail messages, see addresses(5), envelopes(5), qmail-header(5), and forgeries(7). Miscellaneous documentation includes qmail-limits(7) and qmail-pop3d(8). This documentation describes netqmail version 1.05 of qmail. See for other qmail-related software, and for other qmail community contributions. qmail(7)
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