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flow-merge(1) [debian man page]

flow-merge(1)						      General Commands Manual						     flow-merge(1)

flow-merge -- Merge flow files. SYNOPSIS
flow-merge [-aghm] [-b big|little] [-C comment] [-d debug_level] [-o filename] [-z z_level] [file|directory ...] DESCRIPTION
The flow-merge utility processes files and/or directories of files in the flow-tools format. The resulting merged data set is written to the standard output or file specified by -o. If file is a single dash (`-') or absent, flow-merge will read from the standard input. Unlike flow-cat, flow-merge interleaves flow records preserving the relative chronological order. OPTIONS
-a Do not ignore filenames that begin with tmp. -b big|little Byte order of output. -C Comment Add a comment. -d debug_level Enable debugging. -g Sort file list by capture start time before processing. -h Display help. -m Disable the use of mmap(). -p Preload headers. Use to preserve meta information such as lost flows. -o file Write to file instead of the standard out. -z z_level Configure compression level to z_level. 0 is disabled (no compression), 9 is highest compression. file|directory... Process the files and/or directory. EXAMPLES
Merge all flow files begining with ft-v05.2001-05.01, use flow-print to display the results. flow-merge ft-v05.2001-05-01.* | flow-print BUGS
None known. AUTHOR
Larry Lidz SEE ALSO
flow-tools(1) flow-merge(1)

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flow-expire(1)						      General Commands Manual						    flow-expire(1)

flow-expire -- Manage storage of flow file archives by expiring old data. SYNOPSIS
flow-expire [-h] [-d debug_level] [-e expire_count] [-E expire_size] -w workdir DESCRIPTION
The flow-expire utility will remove the oldest flow files in a directory based on either a count of files or space utilization. The direc- tory is recursively searched for flow files. Files that do not have a flow-tools signature will be ignored. The internal timestamp is used so backups or copies of the flow files that do not retain the original timestamp will not impact the operation of flow-expire. flow- expire is typically used to manage storage in a distributed environment where flows are collected on a different server than they are archived. OPTIONS
-d debug_level Enable debugging. -e expire_count Retain the maximum number of files so that the total file count is less than expire_count. -E expire_size Retain the maximum number of files so that the total storage is less than expire_size. The letters b,K,M,G can be used as multi- pliers, ie 16 Megabytes is 16M. -h Display help. -w workdir Work in workdir. EXAMPLES
Remove the oldest flow files in /flows/krc4 until the total storage is less then 2 Gigabytes. flow-expire -E2Gig -w /flows/krc4 Remove the oldest flow files in /flows/krc4 until the total number of files is less then 100. flow-expire -e100 -w /flows/krc4 BUGS
Empty directories are not removed. AUTHOR
Mark Fullmer SEE ALSO
flow-tools(1) flow-expire(1)
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