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dvbscan(1) [debian man page]

dvbscan(1)						      General Commands Manual							dvbscan(1)

dvbscan - a program to produce DVB-T channels.conf files. SYNOPSIS
dvbscan [options]<initialscanfile> DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the dvbscan commands. dvbscan is a program to produce DVB-T channels.conf files. OPTIONS
-h print this help text -adapter <id> adapter to use (default 0) -frontend <id> frontend to use (default 0) -demux <id> demux to use (default 0) -secfile <filename> Optional sec.conf file -secid <secid> ID of the SEC configuration to use, one of: * UNIVERSAL (default) - Europe, 10800 to 11800 MHz and 11600 to 12700 Mhz, Dual LO, loband 9750, hiband 10600 MHz * DBS - Expressvu, North America, 12200 to 12700 MHz, Single LO, 11250 MHz * STANDARD - 10945 to 11450 Mhz, Single LO, 10000 Mhz * ENHANCED - Astra, 10700 to 11700 MHz, Single LO, 9750 MHz * C-BAND - Big Dish, 3700 to 4200 MHz, Single LO, 5150 Mhz * C-MULTI - Big Dish - Multipoint LNBf, 3700 to 4200 MHz, Dual LO, H:5150MHz, V:5750MHz * One of the sec definitions from the secfile if supplied -satpos <position> Specify DISEQC switch position for DVB-S -inversion <on|off|auto> Specify inversion (default: auto) -uk-ordering Use UK DVB-T channel ordering if present. -timeout <secs> Specify filter timeout to use (standard specced values will be used by default) -filter <filter> Specify service filter, a comma seperated list of the following tokens: If no filter is supplied, all services will be output * tv - Output TV channels * radio - Output radio channels * other - Output other channels * encrypted - Output encrypted channels -out raw <filename>|- Output in raw format to <filename> or stdout -out channels <filename>|- Output in channels.conf format to <filename> or stdout -out vdr12 <filename>|- Output in vdr 1.2.x format to <filename> or stdout -out vdr13 <filename>|- Output in vdr 1.3.x format to <file- name> or stdout This manual page was written by Uwe Bugla <>. February 14, 2009 dvbscan(1)

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GPIV_IMGPROC(1) 					      General Commands Manual						   GPIV_IMGPROC(1)

gpiv_imgproc - Image processing program for (PIV) images. SYNOPSIS
gpiv_imgproc [-b N] [--filter N] [-h | --help] [-p | --print] [-o N | --operation N] [-t N | --threshold N] [-w N] [-v | --version] [file- name] < stdin > stdout DESCRIPTION
gpiv_imgproc processes, filters or converts images in order to improve the interrogation for Particle Image Velocimetry. gpiv_smooth: smoothing filter, gpiv_hilo : high-low filter, gpiv_clip: clipping, gpiv_fft: Fast Fourier Transform, gpiv_invfft: Inverse Fast Fourier Transform, gpiv_highpass: high-pass filtering gpiv_getbit: get bit bumber. gpiv_mktestimg: generates test image-pair for PIV The parameters read from the configuration resources (containing the key GPIV_IMGPROC) may be overruled by the command line options, as explained below. Options -b N In case of using gpiv_getbit N denotes the bit number [0, .., 7] --filter N Image filter to be applied: make test image (N=0), smoothing (N=1), high-low filtering (N=2), clipping (N=3), fft (N=4), inverse fft (N=5), lowpass filter (N=8), highpass filter (N=9), getbit (N=10). -h | --help On-line help -o N | --operation N In case of using gpiv_smooth: set pixel equal to the mean of the window value (N0), subtract mean from from pixel (N1) add (N2), multiply (N3) or divide (N4) -t N | --threshold N In case of using gpiv_clip: threshold value to be set to zero -v | --version Print version information on standard output, then exit successfully. -w N window size (default: 15) filename Input image filename. Overrides stdin and stdout with the full filename of the image. Output will be written to filename.png. Param- eters are stored in filename.par and may be used for future use by including them in ./gpivrc. If stdin and stdout are used, the input is expected to be a PNG formatted image. SEE ALSO gpivtools AUTHOR
Gerber Van der Graaf 7 November 2006 GPIV_IMGPROC(1)
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