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dpm-replicate(1) [debian man page]

DPM-REPLICATE(1)					    DPM Administrator Commands						  DPM-REPLICATE(1)

dpm-replicate - replicate a file given the SURL or the PFN SYNOPSIS
dpm-replicate [ --f_type file_type ] [ --space_token s_token ] [ --lifetime file_lifetime ] [ --help ] file DESCRIPTION
dpm-replicate replicates a file given the SURL or the PFN. file_type indicates the type of file desired for the new replica. It can be V (for Volatile), D (for Durable) or P (for Permanent). file_lifetime specifies the requested file lifetime of the new replica relative to the current time. It can be "Inf" (for infinite) or expressed in years (suffix 'y'), months (suffix 'm'), days (suffix 'd'), hours (suffix 'h') or seconds (no suffix). If specified the file_type and file_lifetime must be compatible. s_token specifies that the new replica should be allocated within a space identified by the given token. EXAMPLE
dpm-replicate --f_type P /dpm/ dpm-replicate --f_type V EXIT STATUS
This program returns 0 if the operation was successful or >0 if the operation failed. SEE ALSO
dpm(1), dpm_get(3), dpm_put(3) LCG
$Date: 2008/08/27 12:43:28 $ DPM-REPLICATE(1)

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DPM-UPDATESPACE(1)						   DPM Commands 						DPM-UPDATESPACE(1)

dpm-updatespace - update space SYNOPSIS
dpm-updatespace --space_token s_token [ --gid group_ids ] [ --group group_names ] [ --gspace size_guaranteed_space ] [ --help ] [ --life- time space_lifetime ] [ --si ] dpm-updatespace --token_desc u_token [ --gid group_ids ] [ --group group_names ] [ --gspace size_guaranteed_space ] [ --help ] [ --lifetime space_lifetime ] [ --si ] DESCRIPTION
dpm-updatespace updates space. OPTIONS
s_token specifies the token returned by a previous reservespace request. u_token specifies the user provided description associated with the reservespace request. group_ids The existing list can be reset using a comma separated list of group gids, extended by prefixing the gid by + or reduced by prefix- ing the gid by -. See examples. group_names The existing list can be reset using a comma separated list of group names, extended by prefixing the name by + or reduced by pre- fixing the name by -. size_guaranteed_space new size of guaranteed space desired in bytes. The number may also have a suffix k, M, G, T or P to indicate kB, MB, GB, TB or PB respectively. space_lifetime specifies the new space lifetime relative to the current time. It can be "Inf" (for infinite) or expressed in years (suffix 'y'), months (suffix 'm'), days (suffix 'd'), hours (suffix 'h') or seconds (no suffix). --si use powers of 1000 not 1024 for sizes. EXAMPLE
dpm-updatespace --space_token fe869590-b771-4002-b11a-8e7430d72911 --lifetime 1m dpm-updatespace --token_desc myspace --gspace 5G dpm-updatespace --token_desc atlgrpspace --group -atlas/higgs EXIT STATUS
This program returns 0 if the operation was successful or >0 if the operation failed. SEE ALSO
dpm_updatespace(3) LCG
$Date: 2011-04-04 08:49:00 +0200 (Mon, 04 Apr 2011) $ DPM-UPDATESPACE(1)
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