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dh_installxsp(1) [debian man page]

DH_INSTALLXSP(1)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					  DH_INSTALLXSP(1)

dh_installxsp - install host files into /etc/xsp/conf.d and /etc/mono-server/conf.d SYNOPSIS
dh_installxsp [debhelper options] [--name=name] [-V version(s)] DESCRIPTION
dh_installxsp is a debhelper program that will install host configuration files in /etc/xsp2/conf.d and /etc/mono-server2/conf.d (for XSP 2) or /etc/xsp4/conf.d and /etc/mono-server4/conf.d (for XSP 4). So, if xsp 2 (or xsp 4) is install or will be installed, when xsp starts it automatically starts the daemon with the host file. The files debian/package.hostxsp2 are installed for XSP 2 while debian/package.hostxsp4 are used for XSP 4. In the debian/rules file, dh_installxsp needs to be called before dh_installdeb to make sure the files are properly marked as conffiles to avoid the lintian warnings. Otherwise, the files created in /etc/ need to be marked as conffiles. OPTIONS
--name=name Look for files named debian/package.hostxsp{2,4} and install them as /etc/xsp{2,4}/conf.d/package/hostfile. -V version(s) Installs the files for XSP 2.0 (-V 2), XSP 4.0 (-V 4), or both (-V 2,4). If this version is not specified (or just -V is given), this only installed files for XSP 4, not XSP 2. SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of mono-utils. AUTHOR
Originally written by Pablo Fischer <>. Modified by Dylan R. E. Moonfire <> to handle XSP and XSP 2 installation. Modified by Jo Shields <> to drop XSP and add XSP 4. perl v5.14.2 2012-01-18 DH_INSTALLXSP(1)

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mono-asp-apps(1)						   User Commands						  mono-asp-apps(1)

mono-asp-apps - utility to manage ASP.NET 2.0 applications installed from RPMs SYNOPSIS
mono-asp-apps command [options] DESCRIPTION
The 'mono-asp-apps' command is useful on systems which install applications from RPM packages and when the RPM packages have been created according to the Mono RPM packaging guidelines for ASP.NET applications. The utility allows one to initialize, enable, disable and start installed applications. Note that you do not use this utility to manage applications hosted and managed by the Apache (or other) web server, only by xsp. Note that this utility is useful only on systems where at least one application packaged according to the Mono ASP.NET 2.0 RPM packaging guidelines has been installed. COMMANDS
The commands which take an application name, require the it to be one of the registered names. See the `list` command below. init APPLICATION_NAME Initializes the application named APPLICATION_NAME, if it hasn't been done already. Initialization actions performed are applica- tion specific, but may include creating databases and populating them, creating directories, downloading files etc. enable APPLICATION_NAME Enables APPLICATION_NAME for automatic start when XSP is started as part of the system bootup process. disable APPLICATION_NAME Disables APPLICATION_NAME, so that it is not started automatically when XSP is started as part of the system bootup process. start APPLICATION_NAME [server_options] Manually starts the xsp2 process passing the configuration of APPLICATION_NAME to the xsp2 process. Applications may ship with a bundled start script which will be used instead of xsp2 if present. server_options are passed verbatim to the server process. list Lists all the applications known to the utility. AUTHORS
Marek Habersack <> SEE ALSO
The Mono project ( is a collaborative effort led by Novell ( to implement an open source ver- sion of the .NET Framework. MAILING LISTS
Mailing lists are listed at the mono-asp-apps 2.6.4 31 Oct 2007 mono-asp-apps(1)
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