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dh_haskell_depends(1) [debian man page]

DH_HASKELL_DEPENDS(1)					 Haskell devscripts documentation				     DH_HASKELL_DEPENDS(1)

dh_haskell_depends - calculates Haskell dependencies on Cabalized libraries SYNOPSIS
dh_haskell_depends [debhelper options] [-Xpackage] [--exclude=package] [file ...] DESCRIPTION
dh_haskell_depends is a debhelper program that helps with calculating dependencies for building Haskell libraries. It automates building libraries for the different supported Haskell systems in Debian. This script writes the debian/$package.substvars file, including in it the haskell:Depends, haskell:Recommends, haskell:Suggests and haskell:Extra-Depends variable. So, to use this package, include in the Depends: field in debian/control ${haskell:Depends}, and do the same for Recommends, Suggests and Extra-Depends. BUGS
hugs and ghc are the only supported targets at the moment. Cabal does not yet support nhc98. SEE ALSO
dh_haskell_provides(1) dh_haskell_shlibdeps(1) dh_haskell_extra_depends(1) debhelper(7) AUTHOR
John Goerzen <> Based on ideas in dh_python by Josselin Mouette <> Haskell devscripts 0.8.12 2011-07-30 DH_HASKELL_DEPENDS(1)

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DH_PYTHON(1)							     Debhelper							      DH_PYTHON(1)

dh_python - calculates Python dependencies and adds postinst and prerm Python scripts (deprecated) SYNOPSIS
dh_python [debhelperoptions] [-n] [-V version] [moduledirs...] DESCRIPTION
Note: This program is deprecated. You should use dh_pysupport or dh_pycentral instead. This program will do nothing if debian/pycompat or a Python-Version control file field exists. dh_python is a debhelper program that is responsible for generating the ${python:Depends} substitutions and adding them to substvars files. It will also add a postinst and a prerm script if required. The program will look at Python scripts and modules in your package, and will use this information to generate a dependency on python, with the current major version, or on pythonX.Y if your scripts or modules need a specific python version. The dependency will be substituted into your package's control file wherever you place the token ${python:Depends}. If some modules need to be byte-compiled at install time, appropriate postinst and prerm scripts will be generated. If already byte- compiled modules are found, they are removed. If you use this program, your package should build-depend on python. OPTIONS
module dirs If your package installs Python modules in non-standard directories, you can make dh_python check those directories by passing their names on the command line. By default, it will check /usr/lib/site-python, /usr/lib/$PACKAGE, /usr/share/$PACKAGE, /usr/lib/games/$PACKAGE, /usr/share/games/$PACKAGE and /usr/lib/python?.?/site-packages. Note: only /usr/lib/site-python, /usr/lib/python?.?/site-packages and the extra names on the command line are searched for binary (.so) modules. -V version If the .py files your package ships are meant to be used by a specific pythonX.Y version, you can use this option to specify the desired version, such as 2.3. Do not use if you ship modules in /usr/lib/site-python. -n, --noscripts Do not modify postinst/prerm scripts. CONFORMS TO
Debian policy, version 3.5.7 Python policy, version 0.3.7 SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of debhelper. AUTHOR
Josselin Mouette <> most ideas stolen from Brendan O'Dea <> 8.9.0ubuntu2.1 2012-06-12 DH_PYTHON(1)

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