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dbconfig-generate-include(1) [debian man page]

dbconfig-generate-include(1)					  dbconfig-common				      dbconfig-generate-include(1)

dbconfig-generate-include - generate custom format db include files SYNOPSIS
dbconfig-generate-include [-hv] [-f format] [-o options] [-a] [-d[varname]] [-u[varname]] [-p[varname]] [-s[varname]] [-P[varname]] [-t[varname]] [-C[commentstr]] [-O owner[:group]] [-m mode] [-U] infile [outfile] DESCRIPTION
dbconfig-generate-include is a program to generate custom format include files containing the information necessary to connect a program to a database resource. OPTIONS
infile use the given dbconfig-common config file as input outfile use the given file as input (default: stdout) -f|--format use the given output format (default: sh) -o|--options pass options specific to an output format in a semicolon seperated list. see OUTPUT FORMATS/OPTIONS for more information. -a|--all include all information in output (default) -d|--dbname include the dbname in the output -p|--dbpass include the dbpass in the output -s|--dbserver include the dbserver in the output -P|--dbport include the dbport in the output -u|--dbuser include the dbuser in the output -t|--dbtype include the dbtype in the output -C|--comment "comment out" any unset variables, using a string appropriate comment string for the programming language in question. can be over- ridden with an optional parameter as an arbitrary comment. -O|--owner set the owner:group of the output file -m|--mode set the permissions on the output file -U|--ucf register the outputfile with ucf -h|--help display this helpful message -v|--version output the version and exit OUTPUT FORMATS
/OPTIONS format is one of a list of include-file style formats for various programming languages. the current list includes: sh /bin/sh style include file. perl perl parseable include file. php php parseable include file. template a file which contains a series of fields to be replaced with actual values. all substitutable fields consist of the underlying dbc_ variable name capitalized and surrounded with underscores. for example: _DBC_DBUSER_. options: template_infile (path to input file containing template) cpp c-style header file, using #define'd constants. sean finney March 2005 dbconfig-generate-include(1)

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mpexpand(1)						       Documentation toolbox						       mpexpand(1)


mpexpand - Markup processor SYNOPSIS
mpexpand ?-module module? format infile|- outfile|- mpexpand.all ?-verbose? ?module? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This manpage describes a processor / converter for manpages in the doctools format as specified in doctools_fmt. The processor is based upon the package doctools. mpexpand ?-module module? format infile|- outfile|- The processor takes three arguments, namely the code describing which formatting to generate as the output, the file to read the markup from, and the file to write the generated output into. If the infile is "-" the processor will read from stdin. If outfile is "-" the processor will write to stdout. If the option -module is present its value overrides the internal definition of the module name. The currently known output formats are nroff The processor generates *roff output, the standard format for unix manpages. html The processor generates HTML output, for usage in and display by web browsers. tmml The processor generates TMML output, the Tcl Manpage Markup Language, a derivative of XML. latex The processor generates LaTeX output. wiki The processor generates Wiki markup as understood by wikit. list The processor extracts the information provided by manpage_begin. null The processor does not generate any output. mpexpand.all ?-verbose? ?module? This command uses mpexpand to generate all possible output formats for all manpages in the current directory. The manpages are rec- ognized through the extension ".man". If -verbose is specified the command will list its actions before executing them. The module information is passed to mpexpand. NOTES
Possible future formats are plain text, pdf and postscript. SEE ALSO
expander(3tcl), format(3tcl), formatter(3tcl) KEYWORDS
HTML, TMML, conversion, manpage, markup, nroff CATEGORY
Documentation tools COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2002 Andreas Kupries <> Copyright (c) 2003 Andreas Kupries <> doctools 1.0 mpexpand(1)
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