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cvsconnect(1) [debian man page]

CVSCONNECT(1)															     CVSCONNECT(1)

cvsconnect - CVS connection minimizer SYNOPSIS
cvsconnect cvsroot [command-to-run ...] DESCRIPTION
CVSconnect enables you to do multiple CVS operations on single network connection. CVSconnect sets up special environment using $CVSRSH/$CVSROOT for the command line CVS client. In the environment, the command line CVS client reuses a network connection. CVSconnect is especially designed to use with CVSsuck. And CVSconnect (or similar) will be integrated to a future version of CVSsuck. However, it is planned that CVSsuck directly connects to a cvs server without cvs command. EXAMPLES
cvsconnect $HOME/.cvsroot BUGS
o The global option -z for compression cannot be used. If you use SSH via ext method, you can use compression by SSH instead. o CVS client must be run at a time. Running two or more clients at a same time will make a trouble. (will be fixed in future release.) o Some static variables in a CVS server may confuse you. It's a CVS bug. Report it to CVS developer :-). o Command line CVS client must request `Root' first. Don't mind. There is no implementation which violates this assumption, however I know. At least, CVS-1.10 and CVS-1.11 should work. NOTES
o When CVS command is failed, CVSconnect automatically re-run the command with reconnected connection when CVS command is failed. Especially the failure is caused by a long running CVS-1.10 server. Since CVS-1.10 doesn't close some file descriptors, a long running CVS server will exceed a limit of file descriptors. o /bin/sh should be POSIX sh because this script uses ${parameter#pattern}, etc. If your /bin/sh is ancient Bourne shell, use ksh or bash. SEE ALSO
cvs(1), cvssuck(1). AUTHOR
This manpage is written by Piotr Roszatycki <> for Debian distribution and can be freely redistributed. Debian 2011-08-30 CVSCONNECT(1)

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CVS-DEBC(1)						      General Commands Manual						       CVS-DEBC(1)

cvs-debrelease - upload a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package SYNOPSIS
cvs-debrelease [cvs-debrelease options] [--dopts [dupload/dput options]] DESCRIPTION
cvs-debrelease is run from the CVS working directory after cvs-buildpackage or cvs-debuild. It uses the cvs-buildpackage system to locate the .changes file generated in that run. It then uploads the package using debrelease(1), which in turn calls either dupload or dput. Note that the --dopts option must be specified to distinguish the cvs-debrelease options from the dupload or dput options. Also, the devscripts configuration files will be read, as described in the debrelease(1) manpage. Note that unlike cvs-buildpackage, the only way to specify the source package name is with the -P option; you cannot simply have it as the last command-line parameter. OPTIONS
All current cvs-buildpackage options are silently accepted; however, only the ones listed below have any effect. For more details on all of them, see the cvs-buildpackage(1) manpage. All debrelease options (as listed below) are also accepted. --dupload, --dput This specifies which uploader program to use; the default is dupload. -adebian-architecture, -tGNU-system-type See dpkg-architecture(1) for a description of these options. They affect the search for the .changes file. They are provided to mimic the behaviour of dpkg-buildpackage when determining the name of the .changes file. -Mmodule The name of the CVS module. -Ppackage The name of the package. -Vversion The version number of the package. -Ttag The CVS tag to use for exporting sources. -Rroot directory Root of the original sources archive. -Wwork directory The full path name for the cvs-buildpackage working directory. -xprefix This option provides the CVS default module prefix. --no-conf, --noconf Do not read any configuration files. This can only be used as the first option given on the command-line. --help, --version Show help message and version information respectively. SEE ALSO
cvs-buildpackage(1), debrelease(1) and cvs-debuild(1). AUTHOR
cvs-buildpackage was written by Manoj Srivastava, and the current version of debrelease was written by Julian Gilbey <>. They have been combined into this program by Julian Gilbey. DEBIAN
Debian Utilities CVS-DEBC(1)

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