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cvsconnect(1) [debian man page]

CVSCONNECT(1)															     CVSCONNECT(1)

cvsconnect - CVS connection minimizer SYNOPSIS
cvsconnect cvsroot [command-to-run ...] DESCRIPTION
CVSconnect enables you to do multiple CVS operations on single network connection. CVSconnect sets up special environment using $CVSRSH/$CVSROOT for the command line CVS client. In the environment, the command line CVS client reuses a network connection. CVSconnect is especially designed to use with CVSsuck. And CVSconnect (or similar) will be integrated to a future version of CVSsuck. However, it is planned that CVSsuck directly connects to a cvs server without cvs command. EXAMPLES
cvsconnect $HOME/.cvsroot BUGS
o The global option -z for compression cannot be used. If you use SSH via ext method, you can use compression by SSH instead. o CVS client must be run at a time. Running two or more clients at a same time will make a trouble. (will be fixed in future release.) o Some static variables in a CVS server may confuse you. It's a CVS bug. Report it to CVS developer :-). o Command line CVS client must request `Root' first. Don't mind. There is no implementation which violates this assumption, however I know. At least, CVS-1.10 and CVS-1.11 should work. NOTES
o When CVS command is failed, CVSconnect automatically re-run the command with reconnected connection when CVS command is failed. Especially the failure is caused by a long running CVS-1.10 server. Since CVS-1.10 doesn't close some file descriptors, a long running CVS server will exceed a limit of file descriptors. o /bin/sh should be POSIX sh because this script uses ${parameter#pattern}, etc. If your /bin/sh is ancient Bourne shell, use ksh or bash. SEE ALSO
cvs(1), cvssuck(1). AUTHOR
This manpage is written by Piotr Roszatycki <> for Debian distribution and can be freely redistributed. Debian 2011-08-30 CVSCONNECT(1)

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CVS-DEBC(1)						      General Commands Manual						       CVS-DEBC(1)

cvs-debc - view contents of a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package SYNOPSIS
cvs-debc [options] [package ...] DESCRIPTION
cvs-debc is run from the CVS working directory after cvs-buildpackage or cvs-debuild. It uses the cvs-buildpackage system to locate the .changes file generated in that run. It then displays information about the .deb files which were generated in that run, by running dpkg- deb -I and dpkg-deb -c on every .deb archive listed in the .changes file, assuming that all of the .deb archives live in the same directory as the .changes file. It is useful for ensuring that the expected files have ended up in the Debian package. If a list of packages is given on the command line, then only those debs with names in this list of packages will be processed. Note that unlike cvs-buildpackage, the only way to specify the source package name is with the -P option; you cannot simply have it as the last command-line parameter. OPTIONS
All current cvs-buildpackage options are silently accepted; however, only the ones listed below have any effect. For more details on all of them, see the cvs-buildpackage(1) manpage. -adebian-architecture, -tGNU-system-type See dpkg-architecture(1) for a description of these options. They affect the search for the .changes file. They are provided to mimic the behaviour of dpkg-buildpackage when determining the name of the .changes file. -Mmodule The name of the CVS module. -Ppackage The name of the package. -Vversion The version number of the package. -Ttag The CVS tag to use for exporting sources. -Rroot directory Root of the original sources archive. -Wwork directory The full path name for the cvs-buildpackage working directory. -xprefix This option provides the CVS default module prefix. --help, --version Show help message and version information respectively. SEE ALSO
cvs-buildpackage(1), cvs-debi(1), cvs-debuild(1) and debc(1). AUTHOR
cvs-buildpackage was written by Manoj Srivastava, and the current version of debi was written by Julian Gilbey <>. They have been combined into this program by Julian Gilbey. DEBIAN
Debian Utilities CVS-DEBC(1)

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