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crashexport(1) [debian man page]

CRASHEXPORT(1)							     CrashMail							    CRASHEXPORT(1)

crashexport - Export CrashMail configuration SYNOPSIS
crashexport crashmail.prefs outputfile format [GROUP groups] DESCRIPTION
This command reads a CrashMail configuration file and creates an arealist. OPTIONS
GROUP group Only areas in the specified groups are included. FORMATS
CrashExport can create lists in these formats: AREASBBS A standard areas.bbs file that can be read by many programs FORWARD A list of areas that can be used for forward-requests on other nodes. The file is a pure ASCII file where each line contains the name of the area and its description. FORWARDNODESC Same as FORWARD but without area descriptions. GOLDED Creates an area configuration file in GoldED format. TIMED Creates an area configuration file in timEd format. EXAMPLES
crashexport crashmail/crashmail.prefs golded.areas GOLDED Exports the configuration file crashmail/crashmail.prefs to a GoldEd area configuration in golded.areas. SEE ALSO
crashmail(1) AUTHOR
CrashMail is written by Johan Billing <> This manual page was written by Peter Karlsson <> Johan Billing 1999-08-01 CRASHEXPORT(1)

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CRASHLIST(1)							     CrashMail							      CRASHLIST(1)

crashlist - Compile a CrashMail nodelist SYNOPSIS
crashlist dir DESCRIPTION
Builds an index for the nodelists in the specified directory (or in the current directory if no directory is specified). To find out what nodelists to read, CrashList uses a file called cmnodelist.prefs in the nodelist directory. The format of this file is as follows: <nodelist name> [<default zone>] As the name of the nodelist, you can either specify the full name of the nodelist or just the base name of the nodelist (without .xxx at the end). If you just specify the base name, CrashList will use the latest nodelist with that name (selected by date, not the extension). A default zone can be used for regional nodelists without a Zone line. All lines beginning with a semicolon are treated as comments. Pointlists should be in BinkleyTerm format and should be specified after the real nodelists. SEE ALSO
crashmail(1), crashgetnode(1) FILES
Example cmnodelist.prefs: ; Configuration for CrashList ; ; Format: <nodelist> [<default zone>] NODELIST BTPOINT AUTHOR
CrashMail is written by Johan Billing <> This manual page was written by Peter Karlsson <> Johan Billing 1999-08-01 CRASHLIST(1)
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