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ckport(1)						   System User's Manual: ckport 						 ckport(1)

ckport - portability analysis and security checking tool SYNOPSIS
ckport [OPTIONS]... file [file,...] DESCRIPTION
ckport is a tool to check already compiled binaries and libraries for porting and security problems. It uses objdump to read the binaries and analysis call and jump functions. This package is architecture independent and can be used on non-host architecture binaries if a objdump tool for the target architecture is installed. OPTIONS
--help -h Show this help. -- End of options, only filenames follow. --mode MODE Sets mode of operation. --db DBFILE Load database DBFILE. --db-dir DBDIR Load databases from directory DBDIR. --edit-vim Show vim command pointing to location of problem. --conf KEY=VAL Set config key KEY to value VAL. --warn-mode MODE Set mode for printing of warnings. --warn PT Warn about problems of type PT. --nowarn PT Ignore warnings about problems of type PT. --nowarns Disable all warnings. --nosummery Disable summery. --summery Enable summery. --summery-on-warn Only print summery if warnings has been found. --noheader Disable printing of headers. --header Enable printing of headers. --nofile-header Disable printing of headers for each file (operant). --file-header Enable printing of headers for each file (operant). --ignore PATTERN Ignore symbols matching this Perl regex pattern. --ignore-symbol SYMBOL Ignore symbol SYMBOL. --ignore-target TARGET Ignore warnings for target TARGET. --print-mode MODE Set mode of symbol printing to MODE. --print-unknown Print unknown symbols found. --print-unknown-defined Print list of unknown but defined (internal) symbols. --print-unused Print list of defined (internal) but unused symbols. --print-known Print list of known symbols. --print-pt Print list of known problem types. SEE ALSO
objdump(1). ckport April 2011 ckport(1)

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GTKAMLC(1)						      General Commands Manual							GTKAMLC(1)

gtkamlc - Gtkaml/GtkON compiler SYNOPSIS
gtkamlc [options] files... gtkaml [options] files... DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the gtkamlc command. gtkamlc is a compiler for the Gtkaml and the GtkON languages. These languages let you create GTK UIs to be used in Vala programs with a compact syntax. gtkaml uses the compiler and runs the output executable. For GtkON files, support for #! is enabled. Please see the SEE ALSO section for more information. OPTIONS
Gtkamlc options --dump-tree=FILE Write code tree to FILE, allowing one to inspect the output from the gtkaml/gtkon input files Options inherited from Valac -?, --help Show summary of options. --version Show version of program. --vapidir=DIRECTORY Look for package bindings in DIRECTORY --pkg=PACKAGE Include binding for PACKAGE --vapi=FILE Output vapi to FILE --library=NAME Library name --gir=NAME-VERSION.gir GObject-Introspection repository file name --girdir=DIRECTORY Look for .gir files in DIRECTORY --genie Enable Genie syntax mode for gtkon files -b, --basedir=DIRECTORY Base source directory -d, --directory=DIRECTORY Output directory -C, --ccode Output C code -H, --header=FILE Output C header file --use-header Use C header file --includedir=DIRECTORY Directory used to include the C header file -h, --internal-header=FILE Output internal C header file --internal-vapi=FILE Output vapi with internal api --symbols=FILE Output symbols file -c, --compile Compile but do not link -o, --output=FILE Place output in file FILE -g, --debug Produce debug information --thread Enable multithreading support --enable-mem-profiler Enable GLib memory profiler -D, --define=SYMBOL Define SYMBOL --main=SYMBOL Use SYMBOL as entry point --nostdpkg Do not include standard packages --disable-assert Disable assertions --enable-checking Enable additional run-time checks --enable-deprecated Enable deprecated features --enable-experimental Enable experimental features --disable-warnings Disable warnings --fatal-warnings Treat warnings as fatal --enable-experimental-non-null Enable experimental enhancements for non-null types --disable-dbus-transformation Disable transformation of D-Bus member names --cc=COMMAND Use COMMAND as C compiler command -X, --Xcc=OPTION Pass OPTION to the C compiler --save-temps Keep temporary files --profile=PROFILE Use the given profile instead of the default -q, --quiet Do not print messages to the console -v, --verbose Print additional messages to the console --target-glib=MAJOR.MINOR Target version of glib for code generation --enable-version-header, --disable-version-header Write/do not write vala build version in generated files SEE ALSO
For more information on the Gtkaml and the GtkON languages, please see the documentation available at the project website: AUTHOR
gtkaml was written by Vlad Grecescu <>. This manual page was written by David Paleino <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). Dec 1, 2011 GTKAMLC(1)
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