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CHICKEN(1)						      General Commands Manual							CHICKEN(1)

chicken - A Scheme-to-C translator SYNOPSIS
CHICKEN is a compiler and interpreter for the programming language Scheme supporting most of the features as described in the Revised^5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme For a more convenient interface, see the manual page for csc(1). OPTIONS
Enter chicken -help for a list of supported command-line options. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
CHICKEN_PREFIX Is used as a prefix directory for support files, include-files and libraries. CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH Contains one or more pathnames where the compiler should additionally look for include-files, separated by ; characters. CHICKEN_OPTIONS Holds a string of default compiler options that should apply to every invocation of chicken DOCUMENTATION
More information can be found in the CHICKEN User's Manual AUTHORS
csc(1) chicken-bug(1) 10 Sep 2002 CHICKEN(1)

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CHICKEN-BUG(1)						      General Commands Manual						    CHICKEN-BUG(1)

chicken-bug - generates a bug report from user input SYNOPSIS
chicken-bug [ filename | OPTION ... ] OPTIONS
-help Show usage information. -to-stdout Write bug report to standard output instead of writing it to a file. - Read user input from standard input, even if files are given on the command line. DESCRIPTION
chicken-bug generates a bug report file that collects user-input, optional files and system information obtained from the installed CHICKEN executables and libraries. Non-option arguments given on the command line are inserted into the bug report. If no option is given, or if - has been passed on the command line, then a description of the problem is read from standard input, until EOF (CTRL-D) or a line consisting only of "." (period) is read. The bug report will be written to a file in the current directory, which should be sent to CHICKEN maintainers as it contains various use- ful bits of information that make it easier to classify the problem described. Bug reports should be as detailed as possible. It is also very helpful to include code that reproduces the problem. The more detailed the input and the more thorough the description is, the easier you make it for the CHICKEN developers to help you. BUGS
Submit bug reports by e-mail to AUTHOR
chicken(1) 19 Sep 2001 CHICKEN-BUG(1)
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