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CHECKINT(1)						      General Commands Manual						       CHECKINT(1)

checkint - Show active network interfaces SYNOPSIS
checkint shows all active network interfaces AUTHOR
Luis Falcon is the original author. Michael Meskes wrote this manpage. COPYRIGHT GPL

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IFENSLAVE(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      IFENSLAVE(8)

ifenslave -- Attach and detach slave network devices to a bonding device. SYNOPSIS
ifenslave [-acdfhuvV] [--all-interfaces] [--change-active] [--detach] [--force] [--help] [--usage] [--verbose] [--version] master slave ... DESCRIPTION
ifenslave is a tool to attach and detach slave network devices to a bonding device. A bonding device will act like a normal Ethernet network device to the kernel, but will send out the packets via the slave devices using a simple round-robin scheduler. This allows for simple load- balancing, identical to "channel bonding" or "trunking" techniques used in switches. The kernel must have support for bonding devices for ifenslave to be useful. OPTIONS
-a, --all-interfaces Show information about all interfaces. -c, --change-active Change active slave. -d, --detach Removes slave interfaces from the bonding device. -f, --force Force actions to be taken if one of the specified interfaces appears not to belong to an Ethernet device. -h, --help Display a help message and exit. -u, --usage Show usage information and exit. -v, --verbose Print warning and debug messages. -V, --version Show version information and exit. If not options are given, the default action will be to enslave interfaces. EXAMPLE
The following example shows how to setup a bonding device and enslave two real Ethernet devices to it: # modprobe bonding # ifconfig bond0 netmask # ifenslave bond0 eth0 eth1 AUTHOR
ifenslave was originally written by Donald Becker <>, and has since been updated by various kernel developers. This manual page was written by Guus Sliepen <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system. Debian GNU/Linux June 1, 2019 Debian GNU/Linux
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