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CFFTOT1(1)						      General Commands Manual							CFFTOT1(1)

cfftot1 - convert PostScript font from CFF to Type 1 SYNOPSIS
cfftot1 [-a] [input [output]] DESCRIPTION
Cfftot1 converts PostScript font programs in the Compact Font Format (CFF) into Type 1 font programs in PFB or PFA format, preserving all hints that can be represented in Type 1. The input file should be a raw CFF file or a PostScript-flavored OpenType font. If the file output is not specified output goes to the standard output. If the file input is not specified input comes from the standard input. OPTIONS
-a, --pfa Output font in ASCII PFA format. -b, --pfb Output font in binary PFB format. This is the default. -n name, --name name Output the CFF's component font named name. CFF files can contain more than one font, although few do. Use this option to select a particular font from a multi-font collection. By default cfftot1 chooses the collection's first font. -o file, --output file Write output font to file instead of the standard output. -q, --quiet Do not generate any error messages. -h, --help Print usage information and exit. -v, --version Print the version number and some short non-warranty information and exit. SEE ALSO
t1binary(1), t1ascii(1) Adobe Type 1 Font Format Adobe Technical Notes #5176, The Compact Font Format Specification, and #5177, The Type 2 Charstring Format OpenType Specification, Version 1.4 AUTHOR
Eddie Kohler ( Version 2.92 LCDF Typetools CFFTOT1(1)

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T1MAC(1)						      General Commands Manual							  T1MAC(1)

t1mac - translate a PFA or PFB PostScript Type 1 font into Macintosh format SYNOPSIS
t1mac [--macbinary | --applesingle | --appledouble | --binhex | --raw] [--filename name] [input [output]] DESCRIPTION
t1mac reads a PFA (hexadecimal) or PFB (binary) PostScript Type 1 font file and generates an equivalent Macintosh Type 1 font file. The output file can be in MacBinary II, AppleSingle, AppleDouble, or BinHex format, or it can be a raw resource fork. The default is MacBinary II; use an option to choose a different format. If the output file is not specified output goes to the standard output. WARNING: The output of t1mac is not sufficient to use the font, since Macintoshes can't read raw Type 1 fonts. You will need to create a font suitcase containing bitmap fonts if you do not have such a suitcase for the font already. t1mac cannot help you do this. OPTIONS
--raw, -r Indicates that output should be a raw resource fork. --macbinary Indicates that output should be in MacBinary I or II format. This is the default. --applesingle Indicates that output should be in AppleSingle format. --appledouble Indicates that output should be in AppleDouble format. --binhex Indicates that output should be in BinHex 4.0 format. --filename=name, -n name Sets the Macintosh filename of the output font to name. The default is to construct the filename from the font's name using estab- lished Macintosh conventions. This option is not useful when output is a raw resource fork. SEE ALSO
t1unmac(1), t1ascii(1), t1binary(1), t1asm(1), t1disasm(1) AUTHORS
Eddie Kohler ( Version 1.37 T1MAC(1)
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