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cefsconv(1) [debian man page]

CEFSCONV(1)						      General Commands Manual						       CEFSCONV(1)

cefsconv - convert a TeX document in SJIS encoding containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form. SYNOPSIS
cefsconv < infile > outfile DESCRIPTION
The Chinese Encoding Framework (CEF) developed by Christian Wittern <> makes it possible to include CJK charac- ters in various encodings using the SGML macros &CX-aabb; for Big 5 and CNS encoding and &U-aabb; for Unicode (X denotes a number between 0 and 7; 0 represents Big 5 encoding, 1-7 CNS encoding planes 1-7. aabb is either a decimal or hexadecimal number). cefsconv converts the CEF macros of a SJIS encoded document together with the SJIS encoding itself into a form which can directly processed with LaTeX 2e. It is identical to sjisconv < infile | cefconv > outfile This filter is part of the CJK macro package for LaTeX 2e. SEE ALSO
sjisconv(1), bg5conv(1), cefconv(1), cef5conv(1), extconv(1), the CJK documentation files. AUTHOR
Werner Lemberg <> CJK Version 4.8.3 07-May-2012 CEFSCONV(1)

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mb_convert_encoding - Convert character encoding

string mb_convert_encoding (string $str, string $to_encoding, [mixed $from_encoding = mb_internal_encoding()]) DESCRIPTION
Converts the character encoding of string$str to $to_encoding from optionally $from_encoding. PARAMETERS
o $str - The string being encoded. o $to_encoding - The type of encoding that $str is being converted to. o $from_encoding - Is specified by character code names before conversion. It is either an array, or a comma separated enumerated list. If $from_encoding is not specified, the internal encoding will be used. See supported encodings. RETURN VALUES
The encoded string. EXAMPLES
Example #1 mb_convert_encoding(3) example <?php /* Convert internal character encoding to SJIS */ $str = mb_convert_encoding($str, "SJIS"); /* Convert EUC-JP to UTF-7 */ $str = mb_convert_encoding($str, "UTF-7", "EUC-JP"); /* Auto detect encoding from JIS, eucjp-win, sjis-win, then convert str to UCS-2LE */ $str = mb_convert_encoding($str, "UCS-2LE", "JIS, eucjp-win, sjis-win"); /* "auto" is expanded to "ASCII,JIS,UTF-8,EUC-JP,SJIS" */ $str = mb_convert_encoding($str, "EUC-JP", "auto"); ?> SEE ALSO
mb_detect_order(3). PHP Documentation Group MB_CONVERT_ENCODING(3)

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