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cde(1) [debian man page]

CDE(1)								   User Commands							    CDE(1)

cde - package everything required to execute a Linux command on another computer DESCRIPTION
CDE: Code, Data, and Environment packaging for Linux Copyright 2010-2011 Philip Guo ( http://www.stan- usage: cde [command to run and package] Options -c : Print the order of files copied into the package in cde-copied-files.log -o <output dir> : Set a custom output directory instead of "cde-package/" -f : Do NOT follow forks, so child processes are not packaged -i '<file path>' : Ignore the given exact file path -p '<file path>' : Ignore the given file path prefix -v : Verbose mode (for debugging) SEE ALSO
cde-exec(1) cde 0.1 February 2012 CDE(1)

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DtWsmDeleteWorkspace(API)												 DtWsmDeleteWorkspace(API)

DtWsmDeleteWorkspace -- delete a specific workspace SYNOPSIS
#include <Dt/Wsm.h> int DtWsmDeleteWorkspace( Widget widget, Atom workspace); DESCRIPTION
The DtWsmDeleteWorkspace() function works with the CDE workspace manager, dtwm(1), and deletes a specific workspace. Applications can use this function to implement an interface to the workspace manager. If the DtWsmDeleteWorkspace() function is not successful, the most likely reason for failure is that the CDE workspace manager, dtwm(1), is not running. The DtWsmDeleteWorkspace() function requires a widget. A gadget (or unrealized widget) is not acceptable for the widget argu- ment. DtWsmDeleteWorkspace() sends a message to the CDE workspace manager, dtwm(1), to delete the workspace. If the workspace name is not valid, no action is taken and the workspace manager reports no error. ARGUMENTS
widget a realized widget workspace the name of the workspace (in X atom form) to delete RETURN VALUE
The function returns Success (0) when it succeeds, and non-zero when it fails. Note that these are not the same values _DtWsmDelete- Workspace returns. SEE ALSO
DtWsm(5) "Communicating with the Workspace Manager" section in the CDE Programmer's Guide "Workspace Manager" section in the CDE Programmer's Overview DtWsmDeleteWorkspace(API)

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