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CATDIC(1)						      General Commands Manual							 CATDIC(1)

catdic - Download a dictionary SYNOPSIS
catdic [{-cs|-cannaserver} canna-server] [-i|-u user-name] remote-dic [-l local-file] DESCRIPTION
catdic downloads a dictionary file to the current directory. The file downloaded is a dictionary file the dictionary name of which is remote-dic. It is in the user dictionary directory of the machine on which cannaserver(1M) is in operation. (Hereafter, this machine is called the remote host.) OPTIONS
-cs canna-server (or -cannaserver canna-server) Specifies the name of the server machine that contains a dictionary to be downloaded. -i Downloads the system dictionary. -u user-name Specifies the user name. Another user's dictionary can be referenced by this user name. -l local-file local-file is the dictionary file name. If it is omitted, the standard output will be assumed. EXAMPLES
% catdic test Outputs the contents of dictionary file ``test'' on the remote host, to the standard output. % catdic test -l test2.t Downloads dictionary file ``test'' on the remote host to current directory file ``test2.t''. SEE ALSO
cannaserver(1M), lsdic(1), mkdic(1) CATDIC(1)

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CANNACHECK(1)						      General Commands Manual						     CANNACHECK(1)

cannacheck - Display information about Japanese input system Canna SYNOPSIS
cannacheck [-v] DESCRIPTION
cannacheck displays the problems concerning use of Canna and the related information. It examines the following items: - Customize file to be used - Romaji-to-Kana conversion dictionary to be used - Destination to which the server is to be connected. Is it connectable? - Dictionaries to be mounted. Are they mountable? - Errors in the customize file The problem(s) are displayed on the standard output if found. OPTIONS
-v Displays all the above information including items that contain no problem. FILES
/etc/canna/cannahost Name of the host under which cannaserver(1M) is in operation. SEE ALSO
cannaserver(1M), cannakill(1M), cannastat(1) ENVIRONMENT
CANNAHOST Specifies the name of the host under which cannaserver(1M) is in operation. CANNAFILE Specifies the initialize file (.canna). CANNACHECK(1)
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