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bat(1) [debian man page]

BAT(1)						     Network backup, recovery and verification						    BAT(1)

bat - Bacula Administration Tool Console SYNOPSIS
bat [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the bat command, the Qt4 version of the Bacula Administration Tool console. This is a GUI full featured program similar the bconsole program, but it is graphical oriented and more features. OPTIONS
bat [-s] [-c config_file] [-d debug_level] [-t] -c <config> Specify configuration file. Default is bat.conf. -d <nn> Set debug level to nn. -s No signals. Used in debugging only. -t Test config mode: read configuration and exit. -? Show version and usage of program. SEE ALSO
bacula-dir(8), bls(1), bextract(1). AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Kern Sibbald. Kern Sibbald 26 September 2009 BAT(1)

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BACULA-DIR(8)					       Network backup, recovery&verification					     BACULA-DIR(8)

bacula-dir - Bacula Director SYNOPSIS
bacula-dir [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the bacula-dir command. Bacula's Director Daemon acts as the controller of the network backup system: it is responsible for scheduling and coordinating backups across the network. OPTIONS
-c file Specify the configuration file to use. -d nn Set debug level to nn. -dt Print timestamp in debug output. -f Run in foreground (for debugging). -g group Set the group/gid to run as. -r job Run <job>. -s No signals (for debugging). -t Test the configuration file and report errors. -u user Set the username/uid to run as. -v Set verbose mode. -? Show version and usage of program. TCP-WRAPPERS CONFIGURATION Tcpwrappers looks for the service name of the bacula daemons in hosts.allow , and the service names of these daemons is configured to be different from the binary. The service names are configured to be %hostname%-%component% rather than bacula-dir (As defined in the bacula- file) So the hosts.allow entry has to match %hostname%-%component% (servername-dir for example) instead of bacula-%component% WARNING: This means that if the hosts.allow file has the entry: bacula-dir: ALL you will not be able to run bconsole to connect to the local director! The entry would have to read: server-dir: ALL and this will allow the console to connect to the director. (The process running is bacula-dir.) SEE ALSO
bacula-fd(8), bacula-sd(8). AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Jose Luis Tallon <>. Kern Sibbald 6 December 2009 BACULA-DIR(8)

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