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BANSHEE(1)							   User Commands							BANSHEE(1)

Banshee - Media Management and Playback application Muinshee - Media Management and Playback application SYNOPSIS
banshee [options...] [files|URIs...] muinshee [options...] [files|URIs...] DESCRIPTION
Banshee is an media management and playback application for the GNOME desktop, allowing users to import audio from CDs, search their library, create playlists of selections of their library, sync music to/from iPods and other media devices, play and manage video files and burn selections to a CD. OPTIONS
--next Play the next track, optionally restarting if the 'restart' value is set --previous Play the previous track, optionally restarting if the 'restart value is set --restart-or-previous If the current song has been played longer than 4 seconds then restart it, otherwise the same as --previous --play-enqueued Automatically start playing any tracks enqueued on the command line --play Start playback --pause Pause playback --toggle-playing Toggle playback --stop Completely stop playback --stop-when-finished Enable or disable playback stopping after the currently playing track (value should be either 'true' or 'false') --set-volume=LEVEL Set the playback volume (0-100), prefix with +/- for relative values --set-position=POS Seek to a specific point (seconds, float) --set-rating=RATING Set the currently played track's rating (0 to 5) --query-current-state Current player state --query-last-state Last player state --query-can-pause Query whether the player can be paused --query-can-seek Query whether the player can seek --query-volume Player volume --query-position Player position in currently playing track --query-uri URI --query-artist Artist Name --query-album Album Title --query-title Track Title --query-duration Duration --query-track-number Track Number --query-track-count Track Count --query-disc Disc Number --query-year Year --query-rating Rating --query-score Score --query-bit-rate Bit Rate --show|--present Present the user interface on the active workspace --fullscreen Enter the full-screen mode --hide Hide the user interface --no-present Do not present the user interface, regardless of any other options --show-import-media Present the import media dialog box --show-about Present the about dialog --show-open-location Present the open location dialog --show-preferences Present the preferences dialog --debug Enable general debugging features --debug-sql Enable debugging output of SQL queries --debug-addins Enable debugging output of Mono.Addins --db=FILE Specify an alternate database to use --gconf-base-key=KEY Specify an alternate key, default is /apps/banshee-1/ --uninstalled Optimize instance for running uninstalled; most notably, this will create an alternate Mono.Addins database in the working directory --disable-dbus Disable DBus support completely --no-gtkrc Skip loading a custom gtkrc file (~/.config/banshee-1/gtkrc) if it exists --help Show this help --help-playback Show options for controlling playback --help-query-track Show options for querying the playing track --help-query-player Show options for querying the playing engine --help-ui Show options for the user interface --help-debug Show options for developers and debugging --help-all Show all option groups --version Show version information Copyright 2005-2009 Novell, Inc. and Contributors. Banshee 2.1.1 (2.1.1) August 2011 BANSHEE(1)
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