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assimp(1) [debian man page]

ASSIMP(1)							      assimp								 ASSIMP(1)

assimp - Open Asset Import Library Tool SYNOPSIS
assimp <arguments> DESCRIPTION
assimp: is a command line utilitiy that allows interaction with 3D models VERBS
Use 'assimp <verb> --help' to get detailed help for a command. info Display statistics and structure of a 3D model version Display Assimp version listext List all known file extension knowext Check whether a file extension is recognized by Assimp extract Extract an embedded texture from a model dump Convert a model to binary or XML dumps (ASSBIN/ASSXML) cmpdump Compare two file dumps produced with 'assimp dump <file> -s ...' MANUAL
On Debian systems you should be able to find a manual in file:///usr/share/doc/assimp-utils/assimp/index.html assimp 2.0.863 August 2011 ASSIMP(1)

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GNUCAP-IBIS(1)							    Debian GNU							    GNUCAP-IBIS(1)

gnucap-ibis - GNU Circuit Analysis Package IBIS translator SYNOPSIS
gnucap-ibis [--typ] [--min] [--max] [--power-on] [--on] [--off] filename [--dump [filename]] [--spice [filename]] DESCRIPTION
GNUCAP-IBIS is a IBIS translator tool in the GNUCAP suite. It will transform IBIS models into SPICE models for use in SPICE simulations. The IBIS model in filename is being parsed and can be translated to whatever format is requested. By using the --spice option a SPICE model can be generated. By using the --dump option a IBIS dump may be performed (mainly for testing purposes). A typical usage can be gnucap-ibis mymodel.ibis -spice OPTIONS
--typ sets simulation mode to typical values (default) --min sets simulation mode to minimal values --max sets simulation mode to maximal values --power-on sets device state to power on --on sets device state to on --off sets device state to off --prefix prefix sets the prefix on generated code (default no prefix) --dump [filename] enable the dumping of the interprented IBIS file in IBIS format. Optionally an output filename may be given (default filename is incoming filename with .dump postfix) --spice [filename] enable the dumping of a SPICE model. Optionally an output filename may be given (default filename is incoming filename . mode .ckt). BUGS
See /usr/share/doc/gnucap/bugs for a list of known bugs in this release. GNUCAP is an ongoing research project. It is being released in a preliminary phase in hopes that it will be useful and that others will use it as a thrust or base for their research. I also hope for some comments that may help me direct my research. AUTHOR
GNUCAP is being written by Albert Davis <> This manual page was written by Magnus Danielson <> and maintained by Hamish Moffatt <> for the Debian package of gnucap. For the full LaTeX documentation, please see /usr/share/doc/gnucap/manual. Debian Project November 2001 GNUCAP-IBIS(1)