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ASISTANT(1)							    ASIS Tools							       ASISTANT(1)

asistant - interactive command-line ASIS tool SYNOPSIS
asistant program DESCRIPTION
ASIS is the Ada Semantic Interface Specification; it is an application programming interface that allows Ada programs to inspect the struc- ture of other Ada programs. GNAT, the GNU Ada compiler, can parse Ada source text and produce tree files suitable for use through ASIS. asistant is an interactive command-line tool with a simple language that allows you to inspect the semantic information about a compiled program. Thus you can learn ASIS and try ASIS queries interactively before writing them in your programs. AUTHOR
ASIS-for-GNAT was originally developed by the ASIS-for-GNAT team at the Software Engineering Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Insti- tute of Technology (LGL-EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, in cooperation with the Scientific Research Computer Center of Moscow State University (SRCC MSU), Russia, with funding partially provided by grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. ASIS-for-GNAT is now maintained by AdaCore ( This manual page was written by Ludovic Brenta <> for the Debian project, COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 1995-2006, Free Software Foundation, Inc. SEE ALSO
gnat(1), gnatcheck(1), gnatelim(1), gnatmetric(1), gnatpp(1), gnatstub(1) A short introduction to asistant in /usr/share/doc/libasis-dev/tutorial/using_asistant/README info asis_ug ASIS-for-GNAT User's Guide, provided by by package libasis-doc in the Info system, and in text, PDF and HTML formats in /usr/share/doc/libasis-doc. (asis-doc is in the non-free sec- tion of Debian). info asis_rm ASIS-for-GNAT Reference Manual, same package. GNU Ada Tools May 2006 ASISTANT(1)

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GNATSYNC(1)							    ASIS Tools							       GNATSYNC(1)

gnatsync - The GNAT global dependency detector SYNOPSIS
gnatsync [OPTION]... filename [-cargs gcc_switches] gnatsync [OPTION]... -files=filename [-cargs gcc_switches] DESCRIPTION
gnatsync is the GNAT static analysis tool that helps to detect potential race conditions in multitasking programs, by exposing the global data that is accessed in unsynchronized manner by independent threads or Ada tasks. Input to gnatsync is a set of compilable Ada sources that constitutes a complete program. As it output, the tool prints out a list of a data objects for which potential unsynchronized access is detected, and for each such object the tool provides a list of threads that access this object. Each access is specified by a full sequence of subprograms calls when a given thread does not reference the object directly. gnatsync is an ASIS-based tool. It compiles the given sources to create the corresponding tree files. All these compilations take place in a temporary directory, which is created in the beginning of a gnatsync run and is deleted when the processing of the argument sources is completed. If a source file specified as gnatsync argument does not contain a legal Ada program unit, that is to say if the program has syntactic of semantic errors, gnatsync cannot process it. If the specified source contains an Ada unit which depends on Ada units located in other directories, the user can either specify the source search path by means of a -I option in '-cargs' section of gnatsync parame- ters, in the same way as the source search path can be specified for GNAT. This is not needed if gnatsync is called from the GNAT driver with the corresponding project file. In the first form, gnatsync examines the specified Ada source files (wildcards are allowed). In the second form, gnatsync examines the Ada source files listed in the specified file. OPTIONS
-a Process RTL units. -cargs gcc_switches Pass gcc_switches to GCC when producing the tree files. -d Debug mode. -dd Progress indicator mode, for use in the GNAT Programming Studio. -main=filename Specify file containing main subprogram -o(s|m|f) Output detail level: s=short, m=medium (the default), f=full. -out_file=filename Send output to filename. -q Quiet mode: do not report detections on standard output. -t Output execution time. -threads=filename Specify file describing foreign threads -v Verbose mode. -wq Turn warnings off. PROJECT FILE SUPPORT
gnasync can be applied to any set of sources, but it can produce useful and complete results when called to a set of sources that make up a complete program. The most convenient way to specify such a set of sources is a project file. gnatsync can be called from the GNAT driver as other tools, so the most practical way of invoking the tool is: gnat sync -Pproj -U [options] AUTHOR
gnatsync was written by AdaCore ( This manual page was written by Ludovic Brenta <> for the Debian project, from gnatsync's README file. COPYRIGHT
gnatsync is Copyright (c) 2007-2009 AdaCore This manual page is Copyright (C) 2009 Ludovic Brenta <>. SEE ALSO
asistant(1), gnat(1), gnatcheck(1), gnatelim(1), gnatmetric(1), gnatpp(1) The full documentation for gnatsync in /usr/share/doc/asis-programs/README.gnatsync. info asis_ug ASIS-for-GNAT User's Guide info asis_rm ASIS-for-GNAT Reference Manual GNU Ada Tools November 2009 GNATSYNC(1)
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