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NAME(SECTION)                                                                                                                        NAME(SECTION)

aview - An high quality ascii-art image(pgm) browser SYNOPSIS
aview [options] filename.p[ngbp]m DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the aview, and asciiview commands. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page. aview/asciiview is a program that show files with ascii-art. aview support zooming/unzooming, three dithering modes, Inversion, Contrast, Bright, Gamma control and can save into many formats (html, text, ansi, more/less etc...). The aview can only show files in the PNM file format. But the asciiview program convert the file formats to PNM (with extern programs like NetPBM and ImageMagic) and start aview. It's support the driver from the aalib. Normaly slang, x11 and stdout. It support the mousedriver (X11 and gpm) too. OPTIONS
For a complete description, make only aview This show all option. SEE ALSO
bb , aalib (info-page) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Michael Bramer <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). NAME(SECTION)

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BB(1)							      General Commands Manual							     BB(1)

bb - an ASCII-art demo SYNOPSIS
bb [options] DESCRIPTION
bb is a high quality audio-visual demonstration for your text terminal. OPTIONS
A summary of options are included below. For a complete description type bb -help. -help Show summary of options. -loop Play demo in infinite loop. -driver Select driver. Available drivers: linux, slang, X11, stdout, stderr. -kbddriver Select keyboard driver. Available drivers: slang, X11, stdin. -mousedriver Select mouse driver. Available drivers: X11, gpm, dos. -width Set width. -height Set height. -minwidth Set minimum width. -minheight Set minimum height. -maxwidth Set maximum width. -maxheight Set maximum height. -recwidth Set recommended width. -recheight Set recommended height. -dim Enable usage of dim (half bright) attribute. -bold Enable usage of bold (double bright) attribute. -reverse Enable usage of reverse attribute. -normal Enable usage of normal attribute. -boldfont Enable usage of boldfont attribute. -no<attr> Disable attribute (i.e -nobold). -extended Use all 256 characters. -eight Use eight bit ASCII. -font <font> Select font. This option is used on hardware where aalib is unable to determine the current font. Available fonts: vga8, vga9, mda14, vga14, X8x13, X8x16, X8x13bold, vgagl8, line. -inverse Enable inverse rendering. -noinverse Disable inverse rendering. -bright <val> Set brightness (0-255). -contrast <val> Set contrast (0-255). -gamma <val> Set gamma correction value (0-1). -nodither Disable dithering. -floyd_steinberg Floyd-Steinberg dithering. -error_distribution Error distribution dithering. -random <val> Set random dithering value (0-inf). -dimmul <val> Multiply factor for dim attribute (5.3). -boldmul <val> Multiply factor for bold attribute (2.7). BUGS
Please report any bugs you find to Jan Hubicka <>. LICENCE
bb is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL). SEE ALSO
aafire(1), aainfo(1), aasavefont(1), aatest(1), aview(1), asciiview(1), aaflip(1), aa3d(1), xaos(6), aatv(1). AUTHOR
Jan Hubicka <> This manual page was written by Michael Bramer <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). December 16, 2001 BB(1)
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