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ANKI(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   ANKI(1)

anki - flashcard program for language learning DESCRIPTION
Anki is a program designed to help you remember facts (such as words and phrases in a foreign language) as easily, quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this, it tracks how well you remember each fact, and uses that information to optimally schedule review times. With a minimal amount of effort, you can greatly increase the amount of material you remember, making study more productive, and more fun. Anki is based on a theory called spaced repetition. In simple terms, it means that each time you review some material, you should wait longer than last time before reviewing it again. This maximizes the time spent studying difficult material and minimizes the time spent reviewing things you already know. The concept is simple, but the vast majority of memory trainers and flashcard programs out there either avoid the concept all together, or implement inflexible and suboptimal methods that were originally designed for pen and paper. Anki's primary target is people studying Japanese, and Japanese native speakers studying English. However, it can be used to remember any- thing at all, and there are some users who are studying Chinese and possibly other languages with it. OPTIONS
anki does not take command line options. Its interface is entirely graphical. SEE ALSO
Anki home page: <> Community support thread: <> AUTHOR
anki was written by Damien Elmes <>. This manual page was written by Nicholas Breen <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). August 11, 2007 ANKI(1)

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GAMECLOCK(6)							   Games Manual 						      GAMECLOCK(6)

gameclock - a simple game clock SYNOPSIS
This manual page documents briefly the gameclock command. gameclock is a simple application designed to track the time spent thinking by the players during a chess game. Various ways of tracking time are supported, with only `countdown' (aka `blitz') and `fisher' for now. The graphical interface is keyboard driven and is intended to be minimal and simple. The code is made to be extensible to other game types. OPTIONS
These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (--). A summary of options is included below. -h, --help Show summary of options. This includes the program's version and license. -v, --verbose Show progress information to standard output. More `-v' will display more information: timestamps then game state engine. -f, --fullscreen Start the application in fullscreen mode. KEYBINDINGS
Most of the interface is keyboard-driven, apart from the initial clock and game configuration. space start the game / end turn shift keys end the turn, but only for the appropriate side (left or right side) p pause game control-r, escape reset game - this resets all counters and clocks to the initial configuration, use this to restart the game. f toggle the fullscreen mode control-q quit application SEE ALSO
xboard(1), AUTHOR
gameclock was written by Antoine Beaupre. August 13, 2008 GAMECLOCK(6)
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