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installmgr.1(1) [debian man page]

INSTALLMGR.1(1) 					      Sword Module Utilities						   INSTALLMGR.1(1)

installmgr - install, list, update and remove SWORD modules SYNOPSIS
installmgr -init installmgr -l installmgr -u [ModuleName] installmgr -s installmgr [-r | -rl | -rd] [RemoteSrcName] installmgr -ri [RemoteSrcName] [ModuleName] installmgr -ll [PATH] installmgr -li [PATH] [ModuleName] DESCRIPTION
A command line utility to manipulate SWORD modules. It can be used to install, remove, list and update SWORD modules, from local and network locations. Please note modules will be installed into /usr/share/sword without using APT. If you use this utility you will not be able to uninstall these modules using apt-get, aptitude, synaptic and similar tools. OPTIONS
-init Creates basic user configuration file. This will overwrite existing one. -l Lists currently installed SWORD modules. -u [ModuleName] Uninstalls module. -s Lists available remote sources [-r | -rl | -rd] [RemoteSrcName] These are used to manipulate remote sources. -r Refreshes remote source. -rl Lists available modules from the remote source. -rd Lists new/updated modules from the remote source. -ri [RemoteSrcName] [ModuleName] Install module from remote source. -ll [PATH] List available modules at a specified local path. -li [PATH] [ModuleName] Install module from local path. Authors This manual page was written by Dmitrijs Ledkovs <> for Debian project but may be used by others. SEE ALSO
SWORD 1.6.2+dfsg 2012-02-22 INSTALLMGR.1(1)

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VPL2MOD.1(1)						      Sword Module Utilities						      VPL2MOD.1(1)

vpl2mod - tool to convert verse per line source to SWORD module SYNOPSIS
vpl2mod SOURCE PATH [0|1] [0|1] DESCRIPTION
This utility is used to create SWORD module from the verse per line formated source. The resulting module will be saved in the path specified. OPTIONS
[0|1] [0|1] The first option indicates whether to prepend verse references or not. The second option is to indicate whether module is NT only or not. NOTE
With no verse references source file must contain exactly 31102 lines. This is KJV verse count plus heading for the module, testament, book and chapter. An example snippet follows: MODULE HEADER OLD TESTAMENT HEADER GENESIS HEADER CHAPTER 1 HEADER In the beginning... This example implies there must also be a chapter 2 header, Exodus header, New Testament header, etc. If there is no text for the header, a black line must, at least, hold place. With verse references, source file must simply contain any number of lines, that begin with the verse reference for which it is an entry, e.g.: gen 1:0 CHPATER 1 HEADER get 1:1 In the beginning... Authors This manual page was written by Dmitrijs Ledkovs <> for Debian project but may be used by others. SEE ALSO
SWORD 1.6.2+dfsg 2012-02-22 VPL2MOD.1(1)
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