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eof(n)							       Tcl Built-In Commands							    eof(n)


eof - Check for end of file condition on channel SYNOPSIS
eof channelId _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Returns 1 if an end of file condition occurred during the most recent input operation on channelId (such as gets), 0 otherwise. ChannelId must be an identifier for an open channel such as a Tcl standard channel (stdin, stdout, or stderr), the return value from an invocation of open or socket, or the result of a channel creation command provided by a Tcl extension. EXAMPLES
Read and print out the contents of a file line-by-line: set f [open somefile.txt] while {1} { set line [gets $f] if {[eof $f]} { close $f break } puts "Read line: $line" } Read and print out the contents of a file by fixed-size records: set f [open somefile.dat] fconfigure $f -translation binary set recordSize 40 while {1} { set record [read $f $recordSize] if {[eof $f]} { close $f break } puts "Read record: $record" } SEE ALSO
file(n), open(n), close(n), fblocked(n), Tcl_StandardChannels(3) KEYWORDS
channel, end of file Tcl 7.5 eof(n)

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gets(n) 						       Tcl Built-In Commands							   gets(n)


gets - Read a line from a channel SYNOPSIS
gets channelId ?varName? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This command reads the next line from channelId, returns everything in the line up to (but not including) the end-of-line character(s), and discards the end-of-line character(s). ChannelId must be an identifier for an open channel such as the Tcl standard input channel (stdin), the return value from an invocation of | open or socket, or the result of a channel creation command provided by a Tcl extension. The channel must have been opened for input. If varName is omitted the line is returned as the result of the command. If varName is specified then the line is placed in the variable by that name and the return value is a count of the number of characters returned. If end of file occurs while scanning for an end of line, the command returns whatever input is available up to the end of file. If chan- nelId is in nonblocking mode and there is not a full line of input available, the command returns an empty string and does not consume any input. If varName is specified and an empty string is returned in varName because of end-of-file or because of insufficient data in non- blocking mode, then the return count is -1. Note that if varName is not specified then the end-of-file and no-full-line-available cases can produce the same results as if there were an input line consisting only of the end-of-line character(s). The eof and fblocked commands can be used to distinguish these three cases. SEE ALSO
file(n), eof(n), fblocked(n), Tcl_StandardChannels(3) KEYWORDS
blocking, channel, end of file, end of line, line, nonblocking, read Tcl 7.5 gets(n)
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