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cd(n)							       Tcl Built-In Commands							     cd(n)


cd - Change working directory SYNOPSIS
cd ?dirName? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Change the current working directory to dirName, or to the home directory (as specified in the HOME environment variable) if dirName is not given. Returns an empty string. Note that the current working directory is a per-process resource; the cd command changes the working directory for all interpreters and (in a threaded environment) all threads. EXAMPLES
Change to the home directory of the user fred: cd ~fred Change to the directory lib that is a sibling directory of the current one: cd ../lib SEE ALSO
filename(n), glob(n), pwd(n) KEYWORDS
working directory Tcl cd(n)

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cd(1)							      General Commands Manual							     cd(1)

cd - change working directory SYNOPSIS
[directory] DESCRIPTION
If directory is not specified, the value of shell parameter is used as the new working directory. If directory specifies a complete path starting with or directory becomes the new working directory. If neither case applies, tries to find the designated directory relative to one of the paths specified by the shell variable. has the same syntax as, and similar semantics to, the shell variable. must have execute (search) permission in directory. exists only as a shell built-in command because a new process is created whenever a command is executed, making useless if written and pro- cessed as a normal system command. Moreover, different shells provide different implementations of as a built-in utility. Features of as described here may not be supported by all the shells. Refer to individual shell manual entries for differences. If is called in a subshell or a separate utility execution environment such as: (which invokes on accessible directories) does not affect the current directory of the caller's environment. Another usage of as a stand- alone command is to obtain the exit status of the command. EXTERNAL INFLUENCES
International Code Set Support Single- and multi-byte character code sets are supported. Environment Variables The following environment variables affect the execution of The name of the home directory, used when no directory operand is specified. A colon-separated list of pathnames that refer to directories. If the directory operand does not begin with a slash character, and the first component is not dot or dot-dot, searches for directory relative to each directory named in the variable, in the order listed. The new working directory is set to the first matching directory found. An empty string in place of a directory pathname represents the current direc- tory. If is not set, it is treated as if it was an empty string. EXAMPLES
Change the current working directory to the directory from any location in the file system: Change to new current working directory residing in the current directory: or Change to directory residing in the current directory's parent directory: Change to the directory whose absolute pathname is Change to the directory relative to home directory: RETURN VALUE
Upon completion, exits with one of the following values: The directory was successfully changed. An error occurred. The working directory remains unchanged. SEE ALSO
csh(1), pwd(1), ksh(1), sh-posix(1), sh(1), chdir(2). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE
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