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thai/thwbrk.h(3)						      libthai							  thai/thwbrk.h(3)

thai/thwbrk.h - Thai wide-char word segmentation. SYNOPSIS
Functions int th_wbrk (const thwchar_t *s, int pos[], size_t n) Find word break positions in Thai wide-char string. int th_wbrk_line (const thwchar_t *in, thwchar_t *out, size_t n, const thwchar_t *delim) Insert word delimitors in given wide-char string. Detailed Description Thai wide-char word segmentation. Function Documentation int th_wbrk (const thwchar_t *s, intpos[], size_tn) Find word break positions in Thai wide-char string. Parameters: s : the input string to be processed pos : array to keep breaking positions n : size of pos[] Returns: the actual number of breaking positions occurred Finds word break positions in Thai string s and stores at most n breaking positions in pos[], from left to right. int th_wbrk_line (const thwchar_t *in, thwchar_t *out, size_tn, const thwchar_t *delim) Insert word delimitors in given wide-char string. Parameters: in : the input wide-char string to be processed out : the output wide-char buffer n : the size of out (as number of elements) delim : the wide-char word delimitor to insert Returns: the actual size of the processed string (as number of elements) Analyzes the input string and store the string in output buffer with the given word delimitor inserted at every word boundary. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libthai from the source code. Version 0.1.14 Tue Jun 17 2014 thai/thwbrk.h(3)

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thai/thwcoll.h(3)						      libthai							 thai/thwcoll.h(3)

thai/thwcoll.h - Thai wide-char string collation. SYNOPSIS
Functions int th_wcstrcoll (const thwchar_t *s1, const thwchar_t *s2) Compare two Thai wide-char strings for collation. size_t th_wcstrxfrm (thwchar_t dest[], const thwchar_t *src, size_t n) Transform wide-char string into collatable form. Detailed Description Thai wide-char string collation. Function Documentation int th_wcstrcoll (const thwchar_t *s1, const thwchar_t *s2) Compare two Thai wide-char strings for collation. Parameters: s1 : first wide-char string (null-terminated) s2 : second wide-char string (null-terminated) Returns: < 0 if s1 precedes s2; 0 if s1 equals s2; > 0 if s1 succeeds s2 size_t th_wcstrxfrm (thwchar_tdest[], const thwchar_t *src, size_tn) Transform wide-char string into collatable form. Parameters: dest : the destination wide-char string buffer src : the wide-char string to transform n : the size of dest buffer (as number of elements) Returns: the number of elements required to store the result in dest, excluding the terminating ''. If the return value >= n, dest is undefined. Transforms src into a form from which comparison using wcscmp() yields the same result as that from th_wcstrcoll(). At most n characters are put in dest. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libthai from the source code. Version 0.1.14 Tue Jun 17 2014 thai/thwcoll.h(3)
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