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thai/thctype.h(3)						      libthai							 thai/thctype.h(3)

thai/thctype.h - Thai character classifications. SYNOPSIS
Functions int th_istis (thchar_t c) Is the character a valid TIS-620 code? int th_isthai (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai character? int th_iseng (thchar_t c) Is the character an English character? int th_isthcons (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai consonant? int th_isthvowel (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai vowel? int th_isthtone (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai tone mark? int th_isthdiac (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai diacritic? int th_isthdigit (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai digit? int th_isthpunct (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai punctuation? int th_istaillesscons (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai consonant that fits the x-height? int th_isovershootcons (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai consonant with stem above ascender? int th_isundershootcons (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai consonant with stem below baseline? int th_isundersplitcons (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai consonant with split part below baseline? int th_isldvowel (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai leading vowel? int th_isflvowel (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai following vowel? int th_isupvowel (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai upper vowel? int th_isblvowel (thchar_t c) Is the character a Thai below vowel? int th_chlevel (thchar_t c) Position for rendering: int th_iscombchar (thchar_t c) Is the character a combining character? Detailed Description Thai character classifications. The Thai Standard Industrial Standards Institute (TIS) defined the Thai character set for using with computer named TIS-620. This character set is 8-bit encoded including both English and Thai characters. Aliases of TIS-620 are TIS620, TIS620-0, TIS620.2529-1, TIS620.2533-0 and ISO-IR-166. The followings are the enconding values in hexadecimal, unicode values and their names. 0x00 <U0000> NULL (NUL) 0x01 <U0001> START OF HEADING (SOH) 0x02 <U0002> START OF TEXT (STX) 0x03 <U0003> END OF TEXT (ETX) 0x04 <U0004> END OF TRANSMISSION (EOT) 0x05 <U0005> ENQUIRY (ENQ) 0x06 <U0006> ACKNOWLEDGE (ACK) 0x07 <U0007> BELL (BEL) 0x08 <U0008> BACKSPACE (BS) 0x09 <U0009> CHARACTER TABULATION (HT) 0x0A <U000A> LINE FEED (LF) 0x0B <U000B> LINE TABULATION (VT) 0x0C <U000C> FORM FEED (FF) 0x0D <U000D> CARRIAGE RETURN (CR) 0x0E <U000E> SHIFT OUT (SO) 0x0F <U000F> SHIFT IN (SI) 0x10 <U0010> DATALINK ESCAPE (DLE) 0x11 <U0011> DEVICE CONTROL ONE (DC1) 0x12 <U0012> DEVICE CONTROL TWO (DC2) 0x13 <U0013> DEVICE CONTROL THREE (DC3) 0x14 <U0014> DEVICE CONTROL FOUR (DC4) 0x15 <U0015> NEGATIVE ACKNOWLEDGE (NAK) 0x16 <U0016> SYNCHRONOUS IDLE (SYN) 0x17 <U0017> END OF TRANSMISSION BLOCK (ETB) 0x18 <U0018> CANCEL (CAN) 0x19 <U0019> END OF MEDIUM (EM) 0x1A <U001A> SUBSTITUTE (SUB) 0x1B <U001B> ESCAPE (ESC) 0x1C <U001C> FILE SEPARATOR (IS4) 0x1D <U001D> GROUP SEPARATOR (IS3) 0x1E <U001E> RECORD SEPARATOR (IS2) 0x1F <U001F> UNIT SEPARATOR (IS1) 0x20 <U0020> SPACE 0x21 <U0021> EXCLAMATION MARK 0x22 <U0022> QUOTATION MARK 0x23 <U0023> NUMBER SIGN 0x24 <U0024> DOLLAR SIGN 0x25 <U0025> PERCENT SIGN 0x26 <U0026> AMPERSAND 0x27 <U0027> APOSTROPHE 0x28 <U0028> LEFT PARENTHESIS 0x29 <U0029> RIGHT PARENTHESIS 0x2A <U002A> ASTERISK 0x2B <U002B> PLUS SIGN 0x2C <U002C> COMMA 0x2D <U002D> HYPHEN-MINUS 0x2E <U002E> FULL STOP 0x2F <U002F> SOLIDUS 0x30 <U0030> DIGIT ZERO 0x31 <U0031> DIGIT ONE 0x32 <U0032> DIGIT TWO 0x33 <U0033> DIGIT THREE 0x34 <U0034> DIGIT FOUR 0x35 <U0035> DIGIT FIVE 0x36 <U0036> DIGIT SIX 0x37 <U0037> DIGIT SEVEN 0x38 <U0038> DIGIT EIGHT 0x39 <U0039> DIGIT NINE 0x3A <U003A> COLON 0x3B <U003B> SEMICOLON 0x3C <U003C> LESS-THAN SIGN 0x3D <U003D> EQUALS SIGN 0x3E <U003E> GREATER-THAN SIGN 0x3F <U003F> QUESTION MARK 0x40 <U0040> COMMERCIAL AT 0x41 <U0041> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A 0x42 <U0042> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B 0x43 <U0043> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C 0x44 <U0044> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D 0x45 <U0045> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E 0x46 <U0046> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F 0x47 <U0047> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G 0x48 <U0048> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H 0x49 <U0049> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I 0x4A <U004A> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J 0x4B <U004B> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER K 0x4C <U004C> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L 0x4D <U004D> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M 0x4E <U004E> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N 0x4F <U004F> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O 0x50 <U0050> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER P 0x51 <U0051> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Q 0x52 <U0052> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R 0x53 <U0053> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S 0x54 <U0054> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T 0x55 <U0055> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U 0x56 <U0056> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER V 0x57 <U0057> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER W 0x58 <U0058> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER X 0x59 <U0059> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y 0x5A <U005A> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z 0x5B <U005B> LEFT SQUARE BRACKET 0x5C <U005C> REVERSE SOLIDUS 0x5D <U005D> RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET 0x5E <U005E> CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT 0x5F <U005F> LOW LINE 0x60 <U0060> GRAVE ACCENT 0x61 <U0061> LATIN SMALL LETTER A 0x62 <U0062> LATIN SMALL LETTER B 0x63 <U0063> LATIN SMALL LETTER C 0x64 <U0064> LATIN SMALL LETTER D 0x65 <U0065> LATIN SMALL LETTER E 0x66 <U0066> LATIN SMALL LETTER F 0x67 <U0067> LATIN SMALL LETTER G 0x68 <U0068> LATIN SMALL LETTER H 0x69 <U0069> LATIN SMALL LETTER I 0x6A <U006A> LATIN SMALL LETTER J 0x6B <U006B> LATIN SMALL LETTER K 0x6C <U006C> LATIN SMALL LETTER L 0x6D <U006D> LATIN SMALL LETTER M 0x6E <U006E> LATIN SMALL LETTER N 0x6F <U006F> LATIN SMALL LETTER O 0x70 <U0070> LATIN SMALL LETTER P 0x71 <U0071> LATIN SMALL LETTER Q 0x72 <U0072> LATIN SMALL LETTER R 0x73 <U0073> LATIN SMALL LETTER S 0x74 <U0074> LATIN SMALL LETTER T 0x75 <U0075> LATIN SMALL LETTER U 0x76 <U0076> LATIN SMALL LETTER V 0x77 <U0077> LATIN SMALL LETTER W 0x78 <U0078> LATIN SMALL LETTER X 0x79 <U0079> LATIN SMALL LETTER Y 0x7A <U007A> LATIN SMALL LETTER Z 0x7B <U007B> LEFT CURLY BRACKET 0x7C <U007C> VERTICAL LINE 0x7D <U007D> RIGHT CURLY BRACKET 0x7E <U007E> TILDE 0x7F <U007F> DELETE (DEL) 0xA1 <U0E01> THAI CHARACTER KO KAI 0xA2 <U0E02> THAI CHARACTER KHO KHAI 0xA3 <U0E03> THAI CHARACTER KHO KHUAT 0xA4 <U0E04> THAI CHARACTER KHO KHWAI 0xA5 <U0E05> THAI CHARACTER KHO KHON 0xA6 <U0E06> THAI CHARACTER KHO RAKHANG 0xA7 <U0E07> THAI CHARACTER NGO NGU 0xA8 <U0E08> THAI CHARACTER CHO CHAN 0xA9 <U0E09> THAI CHARACTER CHO CHING 0xAA <U0E0A> THAI CHARACTER CHO CHANG 0xAB <U0E0B> THAI CHARACTER SO SO 0xAC <U0E0C> THAI CHARACTER CHO CHOE 0xAD <U0E0D> THAI CHARACTER YO YING 0xAE <U0E0E> THAI CHARACTER DO CHADA 0xAF <U0E0F> THAI CHARACTER TO PATAK 0xB0 <U0E10> THAI CHARACTER THO THAN 0xB1 <U0E11> THAI CHARACTER THO NANGMONTHO 0xB2 <U0E12> THAI CHARACTER THO PHUTHAO 0xB3 <U0E13> THAI CHARACTER NO NEN 0xB4 <U0E14> THAI CHARACTER DO DEK 0xB5 <U0E15> THAI CHARACTER TO TAO 0xB6 <U0E16> THAI CHARACTER THO THUNG 0xB7 <U0E17> THAI CHARACTER THO THAHAN 0xB8 <U0E18> THAI CHARACTER THO THONG 0xB9 <U0E19> THAI CHARACTER NO NU 0xBA <U0E1A> THAI CHARACTER BO BAIMAI 0xBB <U0E1B> THAI CHARACTER PO PLA 0xBC <U0E1C> THAI CHARACTER PHO PHUNG 0xBD <U0E1D> THAI CHARACTER FO FA 0xBE <U0E1E> THAI CHARACTER PHO PHAN 0xBF <U0E1F> THAI CHARACTER FO FAN 0xC0 <U0E20> THAI CHARACTER PHO SAMPHAO 0xC1 <U0E21> THAI CHARACTER MO MA 0xC2 <U0E22> THAI CHARACTER YO YAK 0xC3 <U0E23> THAI CHARACTER RO RUA 0xC4 <U0E24> THAI CHARACTER RU 0xC5 <U0E25> THAI CHARACTER LO LING 0xC6 <U0E26> THAI CHARACTER LU 0xC7 <U0E27> THAI CHARACTER WO WAEN 0xC8 <U0E28> THAI CHARACTER SO SALA 0xC9 <U0E29> THAI CHARACTER SO RUSI 0xCA <U0E2A> THAI CHARACTER SO SUA 0xCB <U0E2B> THAI CHARACTER HO HIP 0xCC <U0E2C> THAI CHARACTER LO CHULA 0xCD <U0E2D> THAI CHARACTER O ANG 0xCE <U0E2E> THAI CHARACTER HO NOKHUK 0xCF <U0E2F> THAI CHARACTER PAIYANNOI 0xD0 <U0E30> THAI CHARACTER SARA A 0xD1 <U0E31> THAI CHARACTER MAI HAN-AKAT 0xD2 <U0E32> THAI CHARACTER SARA AA 0xD3 <U0E33> THAI CHARACTER SARA AM 0xD4 <U0E34> THAI CHARACTER SARA I 0xD5 <U0E35> THAI CHARACTER SARA II 0xD6 <U0E36> THAI CHARACTER SARA UE 0xD7 <U0E37> THAI CHARACTER SARA UEE 0xD8 <U0E38> THAI CHARACTER SARA U 0xD9 <U0E39> THAI CHARACTER SARA UU 0xDA <U0E3A> THAI CHARACTER PHINTHU 0xDF <U0E3F> THAI CHARACTER SYMBOL BAHT 0xE0 <U0E40> THAI CHARACTER SARA E 0xE1 <U0E41> THAI CHARACTER SARA AE 0xE2 <U0E42> THAI CHARACTER SARA O 0xE3 <U0E43> THAI CHARACTER SARA AI MAIMUAN 0xE4 <U0E44> THAI CHARACTER SARA AI MAIMALAI 0xE5 <U0E45> THAI CHARACTER LAKKHANGYAO 0xE6 <U0E46> THAI CHARACTER MAIYAMOK 0xE7 <U0E47> THAI CHARACTER MAITAIKHU 0xE8 <U0E48> THAI CHARACTER MAI EK 0xE9 <U0E49> THAI CHARACTER MAI THO 0xEA <U0E4A> THAI CHARACTER MAI TRI 0xEB <U0E4B> THAI CHARACTER MAI CHATTAWA 0xEC <U0E4C> THAI CHARACTER THANTHAKHAT 0xED <U0E4D> THAI CHARACTER NIKHAHIT 0xEE <U0E4E> THAI CHARACTER YAMAKKAN 0xEF <U0E4F> THAI CHARACTER FONGMAN 0xF0 <U0E50> THAI DIGIT ZERO 0xF1 <U0E51> THAI DIGIT ONE 0xF2 <U0E52> THAI DIGIT TWO 0xF3 <U0E53> THAI DIGIT THREE 0xF4 <U0E54> THAI DIGIT FOUR 0xF5 <U0E55> THAI DIGIT FIVE 0xF6 <U0E56> THAI DIGIT SIX 0xF7 <U0E57> THAI DIGIT SEVEN 0xF8 <U0E58> THAI DIGIT EIGHT 0xF9 <U0E59> THAI DIGIT NINE 0xFA <U0E5A> THAI CHARACTER ANGKHANKHU 0xFB <U0E5B> THAI CHARACTER KHOMUT Thai characters consist of 44 consonants, vowels, tonemarks, diacritics and Thai digits. Thai vowels are divided into 4 groups, Leading Vowels (LV), Following Vowels (FV), Below Vowels (BV) and Above Vowels (AV). There are 4 tonemarks whose position is above a consonant. Diacritics are divided into 2 groups, Above Diacritics (AD) and Below Diacritics (BD). Libthai has defined 4 levels for the position of a character. o Below level: a character is placed below the consonant. th_chlevel() will return the value -1 for these characters. o Base level: this includes consonants, FV and LV. A character is placed on baseline. th_chlevel() will return the value 0 for these characters. o Above level: a character is placed just above the consonant. th_chlevel() will return the value 1 for these characters. o Top level: this includes tone marks and diacritics. For plain character cell rendering, it is safe to put these characters at top-most level. However, some rendering engines may lower them down on absence of character at Above level, for typographical quality. th_chlevel() will return the value 2 for these characters. There is an extra level value 3 for certain characters which are usually classified as characters at Above level, but are also allowed to be placed at Top level for some rare cases. Two characters fall in this category, namely MAITAIKHU and NIKHAHIT. MAITAIKHU can be placed at Top level when writing some minority languages such as Kuy, to shorten some syllables with compound vowels, such as Sara Ia and Sara Uea. NIKHAHIT can be placed at Top level in Pali/Sanskrit words, to represent -ng final sound above SARA I. The following figure illustrates a Thai word and characters' level. --------------------------- Top(2) ------*-------------------- Top(2) ------*-------------------- Top(2) --------------------------- --------------------------- Above(1) ------*---------------*---- Above(1) ---****---------------*---- Above(1) --------------------------- Above(1) --------------------------- --------------------------- Base(0) --*---*----***-----*--*---- Base(0) -*-*-*-*--*---*---*-*-*---- Base(0) --**-*-*------*---**--*---- Base(0) ---**--*---*--*---*---*---- Base(0) ---**--*--*-*-*----*--*---- Base(0) ---*---*--**--*---*---*---- Base(0) ---*---*--*---*---*---*---- Base(0) ---*---*--*****---*****---- Base(0) --------------------------- Baseline --------------------------- Below(-1) -------------------**-*---- Below(-1) --------------------***---- Below(-1) --------------------------- Below(-1) A character placed at below, above or top level is also called dead character. It is usually combined with a consonant, after a dead character is typed, the cursor will not be advanced to the next display cell. BV, BD, TONE, AD and AV are classified as dead character. Function Documentation int th_chlevel (thchar_tc) Position for rendering: o 3 = above/top o 2 = top o 1 = above o 0 = base o -1 = below int th_istis (thchar_tc) Is the character a valid TIS-620 code? TIS-620 here means US-ASCII plus TIS-620 extension. Character codes in CR area (0x80-0x9f), non- breaking space (0xa0), code gap range (0xdb-0xde and 0xfc-0xff) are excluded. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libthai from the source code. Version 0.1.14 Tue Jun 17 2014 thai/thctype.h(3)
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